Double buggies on London Buses

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Saturday 24 March 2007 6.18pm
Has anyone heard or know if it is true that london buses are going to stop parents taking double buggies on to buses,as my son and daughter-in law were told they would not be allowed on the bus anymore with a double buggy, i think this is disgraceful that parents should be discriminated against in this way considering the state the buses are in,i.e.rubbish (food cartons,tin and bottles,newspaers,ect!!)windows scratched,ignorant people that think they have a right to take two seats by siting on the isle seat this gives the impression that the bus might full,selfish gits,maybe they should vet all thier customers before allowing them on, sorry for my rant but i had to let off some steam
Saturday 24 March 2007 6.58pm
I think possibly when the bus driver allows two single buggies on, then lets a double one on as happened last week, especially when the schoolchildren get on, the double buggy can block the aisle up..also some buggies are massive in size and not really like the double strollers..

I'm with you on the selfish gits who sit on the outside seat but i always ask them very politely to let me through as i walk with a stick and great difficulty they often do.
Monday 26 March 2007 12.23pm
I thought allowing buggies on buses were always at the discretion of the driver.

For example if there is someone with a wheelchair on the bus, you have the choice of folding the buggy or waiting for the next.

What is remarkable is the size of some buggies. I understand the attraction, but on crowded transport a simple foldable buggy is best. And avoiding rush hours where possible. Unless you have twins there are a number of alternatives including slings, baby backpacks, and buggy boards which work better when using public transport.
Monday 26 March 2007 2.20pm
I was on a 188 recently when a woman had a row with the driver-it was rush hour she had a pram and there were 2 on the bus already and he would not let her on as no where to put it safely and she refused to fold it down. I think as long as there is room and it is safe to do so then why should double buggys be discriminated against. comman sense should be used.
Monday 2 April 2007 11.14pm
Common sense definately. If the bus is empty and there is plenty of room, then why not let them on as long as the buggy doesn't block the gangway. In a busy period where the bus is crowded then of course they have to be folded down or wait for the next bus.
Tuesday 3 April 2007 9.35am
In defense of the "selfish gits" who sit on the outside seat - I often do this as I am too tall to fit in the window seat! I sit by the aisle so I can put my legs out a bit, and I'm always happy to let people past to the other seat. But then I also usualy sit nearer the back of the bus to leave the frount seats for people who need them more - and to minimise the battering I take as people push past!
Tuesday 3 April 2007 10.00am
Dobble buggies should be allowed on buses as long as they dont stop near Borough market.

(only joking at least the bit about stopping at borough matket)
Tuesday 3 April 2007 9.07pm
I usually sit on the outside seat where possible as I don't like being on the inside but always let people pass to the inside seat. It never crossed my mind that anyone might think me selfish.

Regarding buggies, I sympathise as I pushed buggies around for a long time with all three of my kids, although with the last one I bought a lightweight buggy for easier access onto buses, but there's no shopping storage on the light ones which was a nuicance.
I think it would be a good idea to put lots of suggestions in to bus companies for more space for buggies because it is needed.
Friday 6 April 2007 4.29pm
I tend to think that on buses it's not a matter of sitting where you most feel like, it's trying to be as considerate as you can - making people squeeze past you is extremely inconsiderate in my opinion. The other day a very large gentleman asked the person in the aisle seat to move up so he could sit down, the person said he could squeeze past - even those this was obviously never going to work - and you could see the whole bus sighing in astonishment that anyone could be so rude.

Sar, I'm surprised it's never occured to you, considering the looks anyone I've seen who has ever just said 'you can squeeze past' has got from the person to whom they said it and anyone who heard them.

As far as I am concerned sitting by the aisle and not budging up when more people get on board is the equivalent of standing half-way down the bus rather than shifting to the back when more people get on, just because that's your preferred spot - yes, I suppose there's no law against it, but it's not exactly considerate or sensible, is it?! Travelling on buses is cramped and stressful as it is without people being fussy and selfish like that. Obviously if you are too tall to fit then that's different.

Buggies on buses can be a real pain but if it's not too crowded (in which case it just isn't safe), I too don't see why they shouldn't be allowed on board. I do get annoyed when people are wielding double buggies with a child in one seat and a load of shopping in the other, though!

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