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Saturday 14 April 2007 9.12pm
I know there are ebay forums I can ask this on, but I trust you lots much more.

I won an auction on Thursday, and sent paypal payment straight away, as in the auction the payment methods listed were paypal and personal cheque.

When I checked today, the paypal payment was still pending - apparently, this could be for the following reasons:

1 - The recipient has not signed up for a PayPal account and has not yet received your payment.
2 - The recipient has a Personal account (which cannot receive card-funded payments) and has not yet upgraded or declined payment.
3 - The recipient has a Premier or Business account and has chosen to individually accept or decline each payment transaction without a Confirmed Address. If you chose not to provide a Confirmed Address when you sent the payment, then the recipient has not yet accepted or declined your payment.

I sent the seller an email saying I'd sent my payment via paypal, and asking them to let me know if there was a problem (the problem's definitely not my end - I've used paypal several times before). I have just received a message back from the seller saying, "hi i would rather a cheque for the shoes than paypal makes it easier for me thanks any probs email me back"

This is the first item the seller has ever sold on ebay, so I am a bit loathe to send them a cheque. (I'm not a huge ebayer, and everything I've ever bought I've paid for via paypal) What do you think? Should I cancel my paypal payment and send a cheque, or should I send them an email saying tough, you allowed paypal, I've sent paypal, now send me my shoes!

I'd be grateful for any guidance from seasoned ebayers!

Saturday 14 April 2007 9.28pm
Don't send any money if they've no feedback as a seller. It is probably all perfectly innocent but you can't be too careful & cheques have all your account details & she probably has your home address (?) too.

Is the seller close enough to visit had hand cash to?

I've been stung in the past on ebay (only once in many transactions) & it has made me more wary.
Saturday 14 April 2007 9.38pm
They've no feedback at all - not even as a buyer. I think I shall say tough, I've sent the payment....

I do think it's probably all completely innocent, but you can never be too careful, can you?
Saturday 14 April 2007 11.47pm
If they've put their available payment method as paypal or cheque, then they need to accept whichever you choose! I'd stick with paypal.

You could always say you don't do cheques. I find cheques a hassle, anyway. I'd much prefer money pop itself into an account rather than having to schlepp all the way to my bank only then to have to wait in a queue!
Sunday 15 April 2007 2.55am
as above - email to say you've sent payment via paypal, and are awaiting the shoes. Say that you'll go to ebay and report as a none delivery of item if they refuse to honor the paypal sent.
Sunday 15 April 2007 9.38am
I'm just curious about what you bought?

Some nice shiny shoes. Suitcases for New Zealand. Or a TLMJJ monument to be placed in a suitable corner of SE1.
Sunday 15 April 2007 10.59am
Can you not send a postal order?? Get one from the post office, cost a little bit more, but at least its safer than a cheque.
Sunday 15 April 2007 11.55am
The problem exists because either:

1. They are new to Ebay and so didn't know what was meant by Pay Pal or what their obligations are; or

2. It is fradulent and the person is creating new identities in order to escape a poor record.

If the former can't you get EBay to remind them of their obligations. If the latter informing Ebay will, hopefully, improve enforcement.

Can you get your money back from PayPal? Is what you are buying hard to obtain elsewhere or a really good price?

Dont send a cheque.

My experience is that vendors try very hard to be helpful in order to get a good rating.
Sunday 15 April 2007 10.27pm
I sent them a message saying that as I had sent payment via paypal I wasn't happy to also send a cheque and please would they just hurry up and accept the payment and send me my shoes! Although, I was a bit more polite than that. Have just had a message from them saying they have accepted payment and will send the shoes tomorrow - hurrah! It's a pair of Emma Hope shoes that I got for a bargain price - double hurrah!
Monday 16 April 2007 6.49am
What colour?
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