Dozens killed in US college shooting

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Monday 16 April 2007 8.22pm

How many more of these tragedies will it take before America finally sees sense and either bans guns or controls them more tightly?

Tuesday 17 April 2007 12.13am
I have to agree.America brushes its problems under the carpet in a way that no other Nation on the planet would get away with .

The way they do that is just as shoking as the shootings.
Tuesday 17 April 2007 1.13am
I'm not sure increased gun control would make any difference at all. Both Canada and Switzerland have higher rates of gun ownership, but their citizens do not feel the need to go into a school and commit an atrocity like this. Why? I don't know, but there is more to it that simply the availabilty and/or number of guns.

Agree with mickysalt - there is something very Victorian about the US even today. Not only is bad news swept under the carpet, but there seems to be far less political will to address problems and find real solutions.

Tuesday 17 April 2007 12.06pm
In the US, the gun lobby is hugely influential. A Democrat presidency might lead to tighter legislation, but not many Republicans are going to turn their noses up at the pro-firearms people's financial backing for their revoltingly expensive political campaigning.

I was shocked by the sheer scale of this atrocity, as well as by the inept handling of it by police and university authorities.
Tuesday 17 April 2007 2.40pm
Gun control prevented Dunblane, didn't it.

And gun control helped those black kids who have been murdering each other over recent weeks.
Tuesday 17 April 2007 3.19pm
The Mapmaker wrote:
Gun control prevented Dunblane, didn't it.

It could have and should have though - if warnings had been picked up on and regulations enforced correctly then Thomas Hamilton would have his firearm certificate revoked and his firearm withdrawn. Dunblane was an argument for better enforcement of gun control (and more gun control) rather than none.
Tuesday 17 April 2007 3.29pm
I heard a great quote from the pro gun lobby - this event would never have happened if everyone was allowed to carry a gun; the gunman would have been shot (by one of the students) before he had killed so many!

Tuesday 17 April 2007 7.57pm
And gun control helped those black kids who have been murdering each other over recent weeks.
Sadly, of those poor kids who died, five were stabbed and three shot, they weren't all black either.
Tuesday 17 April 2007 9.09pm
Those poor kids.

I bet you any money you like the killer was on psychiatric medication such as anti depressants. The side effects of SSRi anti depressants (like prozac) can cause things such as violent episodes, self harm, psychosis and delusions. When people that have a bad reaction to these drugs also have access to guns unfortunately this can be the result.
Wednesday 18 April 2007 12.15am
Perhaps antipsychotic than antidepressant. Too much bad publicity about SSRI. It's a good drug if used appropriately.

Apparently, the kids were lockedand trapped in the classroom before he made a comeback later to shoot to kill. This fella has insight and so sounds more evil to me than anything else.

Legalising gun is providing the licence to kill.
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