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Monday 23 April 2007 10.50am
I don't drink cows milk. I stopped because it started to make me smell. Does anyone know anything about this? Was it just a build up of something and now it's gone? It got the point where even the small amount in a cup of tea resulted in a sort of dairy/baby smell 20 mins later. I had a cup not long ago and it didn't make me smell though. Any thoughts?
Monday 23 April 2007 11.16am
I don't drink it either. I have some kind of intolerance to it - it does bad things to my digestion - and I now have soya milk instead. I find the smell of cow's milk quite unpleasant (I always have done) and am very sensitive to the smell of it on other people, especially on their breath. My impression is that once one becomes sensitized to a particular smell, either on oneself or on others, it can be very hard to dislodge that sensitivity.
Monday 23 April 2007 11.22am
Yes I don't like the smell unless it's very fresh when it hardly smells of anything. I use soya milk too.
I do eat cheese and yoghurt though with no problems. I don't have any digestion problems that I'm aware of, I just smell! My grandmother was Chinese and I wonder if that has got anything to do with it.
Monday 23 April 2007 12.43pm
beetroot , it's so strange you say about the babylike smell. this morning up at 5.10, in bath,cleaned deodorised,work at 7, ate cornflakes with milk and oddly had that weird smell again!

i like tescos unsweetened soya, so will get some later..
Monday 23 April 2007 3.19pm
That's the sort of experience I used to have, Jan. I have heard of build ups of something from milk but I don't know what nor if it's the cause of the smell.
Tuesday 24 April 2007 5.50am
How do you know if you smell? I thought only other people could tell you if you smell....
Tuesday 24 April 2007 7.50am
Jackie, when I pen and ink, i pen and ink, perhaps i have a delicate and very large proboscis ( if thats the right word!)
Tuesday 24 April 2007 9.04am
Yep, other people could smell it on me. However, if I drank milk today I know it wouldn't happen which is what makes me think it's a build up thing, and I've had time to clear it out. It's been about 8 years since I stopped regularly having cows milk.
Tuesday 24 April 2007 11.59am
Beetroot cooked in milk or cream adds a strange colour to the milk. Not hugely attractive imvho.
Tuesday 24 April 2007 5.35pm
If you want to know what your breath smells like, lick your forearm and sniff it. Milk products are well known for causing halitosis.

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