Jackie Rokonitz: Celeb or Commoner

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Tuesday 1 May 2007 10.17am
I need some enlightenment. I've lived at MCH for over a year and have never had the pleasure of sharing the lift or steam room with a celeb.
Tuesday 1 May 2007 10.25am
Jackie is a regular poster to the forum and not sure she would approve to being refered to as a 'commoner'.
Tuesday 1 May 2007 10.29am
A quiet word of advice, JonF [and others]- at least get the spelling of the name correct - Rokotnitz - it's only polite after all.

No doubt you'll be hearing from the subject of this debate soon.
Tuesday 1 May 2007 10.40am
Haha... Hilarious!

A morning of 'Working at Home' and instead of using my time productively by watching 'Fern and Phil'... I've found the SE1 forum...

So... continuing.... if not a Celeb... and definitely not a 'Commoner'... maybe just run-o-the-mill Joe Public?
Tuesday 1 May 2007 10.56am
JonF - I have been doing some digging into this Jackie character and it seems that you are lucky (or unlucky depending which way you look at it) that you weren't trapped in a sauna with her.

A previous thread to a party she offers:
So wouldnt the boyfriend like a glass of cider onour terrace before some other activities,

Is there a secret swingers circuit that Jackie is the most celebrated (making her by rights a celeb) member/organiser of?

Otherwise - I am guessing commoner.
Tuesday 1 May 2007 11.00am
Jackie is undoubtedly a celebrity. Discussion is futile.

...if you press it, they will come.
Tuesday 1 May 2007 12.44pm
JW... I wonder if Jackie R will post on this thread (look - I'm picking up the Lingo already... Fern and Phil - pah... this is much more fun)!
Tuesday 1 May 2007 1.04pm
JonF, 'hilarious' or not, with regard to the 'who' query, a little bit of effort on a search would have answered that - here.
Tuesday 1 May 2007 1.50pm
janefs... pur-leeze. I just thought I'd 'dip into' this little virtual online community 'you all' call SE1 as 'you all' seem to promote 'yourselves' as a friendly bunch. Didn't think there'd be any harm in asking.
Tuesday 1 May 2007 2.00pm
JonF - The difference between watching Phil & Fern and posting on a forum is that Phil & Fern won't talk back ;o)

I'm not in the least taking offence to your post, but we are a fairly friendly bunch but have a bit of a banter at times to...

And in answer to your question: Celeb - certainly.
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