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Saturday 5 May 2007 1.59pm
when I was little, I remember my sister having this wooden tube thing with pins around the rim of one end. Hers was in the shape of a king so that the pins formed his crown. She did something with wool around the pins until a wool cylinder came pooing out the bottom. Does anyone know what this is called and can you still get them?
Saturday 5 May 2007 4.52pm
It's called a knitting dolly, and you can still get them. There's a plain one here: http://www.texere.co.uk/yarns.php?category=14&subcategory=5

but I'm sure if you search you'll be able to find one shaped like a king somewhere!
Saturday 5 May 2007 5.00pm
thanks for that.
I got help from another forum as well. Apparently they're also known as french knitters and knitting nancys (don't say it). You can even get mechanical ones where you turn a handle and it makes the cord at one meter per minute.
Tuesday 8 May 2007 6.25am
i used to have some of these as a kid, i knew them as either French Knitting, or corking (as you could make them from a cork). basically, you have several pins on the top (usually 4), and a hole in the middle, you push a bit of the wool through the whole, take the wool around each peg in turn, clockwise, but each turn around a peg is counter-wise (ie up the middle then from the centre around from the left of the peg round the front, over the wool and onto the next peg clockwise round) when you get back to the first one, take the wool round the front of the peg (higher than the original loop), get a needle, and pull the wool from the first loop towards you, then up and over the top of the new wool and the peg, and then onto the next one. eventually you'll end up with a long snake of knitted wool, which can be tied off and curled up in a circle, sewn together into a mug mat.


Tuesday 8 May 2007 10.18am
gosh! I'm glad I found the mechanical one Jon. Though I'm curious about doing it the 'original' way now so I'll have to give it a go. I might be making sculptures with the cords.
Tuesday 8 May 2007 8.47pm
JonR wrote:
I knew them as French Kissing.

Quite so.
Thursday 10 May 2007 6.16pm
I had one made for me when I was little. I think it was just nails in the top of a big wooden cotten reel? I made little mats to put under pots from them - some better looking than others. The mechanical one sounds much easier.
Friday 11 May 2007 2.50pm
Found one in a charity shop some time ago for my nephew. He loves the things you can make with it but not the time it takes to do it. Meter per minute sounds good to me!
Monday 4 June 2007 2.57pm
I often wonder what happened to the 'flower makers' plastic gadget that you looped over, then slid the loops off and somehow a pretty ' flower' which you could sew together into blankets were created..Woolworths i think sold them.
Monday 4 June 2007 6.45pm
That rings bells. I think my sister had one.
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