Contacting BT from overseas

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Thursday 13 December 2007 10.47am
I am trying to call BT from New Zealand, but the only numbers BT provides all start with 0800, which I can't call from NZ. Does anyone know if there is a number that doesn't start with 0800 that I can call?

(I have already emailed them 4 times - I am trying to cancel my BT account, and despite asking them to cancel it in September, giving 4 weeks' notice, they still haven't cancelled it. My tenant has contacted them, too, and they keep saying that I need to cancel the account - which I have tried to do 4 TIMES!!! Grrrr, I am so CROSS with them.)
Thursday 13 December 2007 10.57am
have you tried 00 44 800 etc.?

p.s. if you p.m me your e-mail address i can send you a photo sent by my daugher in law to me when i was reasonably sober!

'cos I kept missing your do's..:-(

will look around for an ordinary number in the meantime..
Thursday 13 December 2007 11.00am
Yes, I've tried 0044 800 and 0044 0800, but neither work - I think Telecom NZ block it. I just called Telecom NZ and they only had one non-0800 number, and it was for some completely random department in BT who couldn't help, and couldn't find a number for me to call.

Will PM you about the pic, thanks!
Thursday 13 December 2007 11.26am
Hi Jo

There is an 020 number on this page for general enquiries - I am sure they can route you to the dept you need.
Thursday 13 December 2007 11.40am
Thanks BSB. I am on the phone to them now - keep being passed from person to person - currently on hold to speak to the SIXTH person.

Thursday 13 December 2007 11.43am
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! "The number you have dialled has not been recognised. Please check and try again"
This is a number that someone at BT put me through to!

Trying again.
Thursday 13 December 2007 12.03pm
Right, after 40 minutes, and speaking to 8 - EIGHT - different people, it looks as though they might actually be cancelling the account. Though they only agreed to do it once I told them I had spoken to OFCOM.

I am so angry. It is one o'clock in the morning here - surely it shouldn't be this difficult to close a b****y account? Grrrrr!
Thursday 13 December 2007 12.29pm
Oh my! I have seen a photo of Jan the old one, and she is lovely. Don't believe anything she says about herself from now on.
Thursday 13 December 2007 12.33pm
That's because it was the best of half a dozen! and from the neck up! ten ton of hairlacquer holding me stringy 'air down!

but thank cheered me up...i don't feel so ready for the knackers yard now!
Thursday 13 December 2007 5.32pm
I don't think you can contract TB from overseas

...if you press it, they will come.
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