Nuisance phone calls

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Wednesday 2 January 2008 12.00pm
Hi all

I have had a few nuisance calls over the past 3 weeks or so.

This is one of those scams where a computer random dials numbers in an area and connects you to an operator if you answer. Therefore, it can sound like nobody is there until an operator is free. The operators will try and sell you something, usually mobile contracts, house insurance, etc. Seems as though the scam is running from India - so BT are powerless.

The phone number in question is 07012212212. Be warned - if you do a 1471 and then call them to give them a piece of your mind, you will:

1) Pay 50p per minute premium rate for calling them
2) Confirm that your number is in use

You can control the scammers with BTs "Chose To Refuse" product. It annoys me that BT charge for that service.

Finally - you can look up scammers numbers using this website. The thread for 07012212212 is here.
Wednesday 2 January 2008 3.58pm
i just signed up for BT s PRIVACY service, to avoid those calls, which is -as far as i know- free of charge.
not sure how this pasting works. sorry.
hope this helps.
Wednesday 2 January 2008 8.07pm
I used to have the BT privacy which generally worked. However, am nowon Virgin Media - any one any ideas on how to block nuissance calls?
Wednesday 2 January 2008 8.59pm
Boss St Bloke wrote:
I have had a few nuisance calls over the past 3 weeks or so.
Finally - you can look up scammers numbers using this website. The thread for 07012212212 is here.

Thanks, v. useful info.
Thursday 3 January 2008 1.21am
You can register with the Telephone Preference Service to stop unsolicited phone calls:

It doesn't stop all calls, but when I registered a few years ago I got hardly any calls after a few weeks (it takes a while to kick in).

While you're there you may as well register with the Mailing Preference Service to cut down on junkmail, too!

There is also a link on there to a number to call if you want to stop automatic diallers calling your number - Silent Callguard Service 0870 444 3969. I have no experience of that so don't know if it is effective or not. gives an alternative freephone number of 0800 0831138 for this service.
Thursday 3 January 2008 2.19pm
We were getting called several times a day by the same 070122... number, it went on for weeks before they gave up, very annoying. We're already registed with the TPS and it does stop most things, but not this unfortunately.
Thursday 3 January 2008 2.30pm
Hi Kirsty

Registering with TPS will prevent cold calls from numbers from the UK only.

My reason for starting this thread is that, currently, SE1 numbers are being targeted by scam artists outside the UK - mainly from India.

My tactic now is to say "hello" and hand up immediately if I do not hear a reply.

Never call the scammers back and never enter into a dialogue with them if they actually answer you.

They score you after speaking to you - ie 1=very rude, don't bother ... 10=chatted to me, polite, call again.

So, unfortunately, if you speak to them it pays to swear, be rude and terse. A sad fact in 2008, but these folks truly are the scam scum of society.

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