French cards

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Tuesday 10 June 2008 5.21pm
Tried a bit of searching, but getting nowhere. Hoping one of our cosmopolitan SE1ers can help please.

I bought a set of playing cards in France (a normal "52 card + jokers" deck). The picture cards have the letters R D and V on them, where we'd have K(ing) Q(ueen) and J(ack).

I imagine R is for Roi, being the King, and D is for Dame, being the Queen, but what's the V stand for please?

(link to a picture which shows what I mean: )


...if you press it, they will come.
Tuesday 10 June 2008 7.47pm
Valet. Or is it viscomte? Valet I think.

You were lucky. Last summer I bought five packs in a hurry at Gare du Nord, on instructions from the hosts of a house party I was heading for. But they were 40-card decks, without court cards. Social disaster.
Wednesday 11 June 2008 11.34am
I agree that it's Valet - the Jack used to be known as Knave (but the 'Kn' was too much like 'K'), and before that sometimes as 'servant' - so valet fits.
Wednesday 11 June 2008 12.10pm
Nice one. Thanks both.

...if you press it, they will come.
Wednesday 11 June 2008 2.48pm

Fascinating info.

I was playing cards the other evening for the first time in an age (twenty years or so) and a discussion arose as to whether Assesment Whist is the same as Canasta. Any ideas?
Wednesday 11 June 2008 5.44pm
I've not heard of 'Assesment' Whist, but other kinds of whist are all similar, and not at all like Canasta. Canasta is like an extension of Rummy - playing in turn to pick up and discard cards from stock, trying to collect sets of the same number to make 'Canastas' (sets of 7 cards), uses 2 packs, and 4 jokers. Whist is a trick game, where each person plays a card in turn, and the highest wins each trick, most tricks wins game, one pack of cards, usually all cards dealt.

a quick search on google, will probably show some useful results.....
... or not

'Assessment Whist' brings up loads of entries where people have not done proper spell checks, and it should have been 'whilst'

anyway, you get the idea

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