'Humane' mouse traps

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Thursday 12 June 2008 2.09pm
What's the correct word to describe mouse traps that are 'humane'?

also, should it be mice trap, or mice traps, or mouse traps?
one mouse, more than one trap, should be 'mouse traps'
one trap, lots of mice - 'mice trap'?
and do mice home? If I trap one, and take it to the park over the road, and let it go free, will it find its' way back?

i'm planning on turning a glass demi john into a mouse trap. put something nice for mice inside, make it easy for them to climb up the outside, and when they fall in, they won't be able to climb the inside to get back out, and i'll check it every day, and release any i've caught.

Is this a good plan?

at the moment they seem to be immune to the poisoned mouse bait that i've put down. they eat it, and keep coming back for more!
Thursday 12 June 2008 2.17pm
Way too much hard work mate - just frighten them away!
Thursday 12 June 2008 2.48pm
Shot gun
Thursday 12 June 2008 5.10pm
Tattie wrote:
Shot gun

you'll get more than the mouse that way.

try one of those plug-in devices that [allegedly] emits a high pitched sound that mice don't like. I haven't tried one, but a neighbour has [sucessfully] after finding a drowned mouse in her dishwasher - don't feel sorry for it, the thing had chewed through the wiring first and both the machine and it had expired mid-cycle...
Thursday 12 June 2008 6.08pm
Pest X delux or special i cant remember still plugged in..have tried a variety of humane ones not successful.

I have used it for about 4 years i think, only see the odd one passing thru from garden...definitely a deterrent..
Thursday 12 June 2008 10.10pm
I have used the sonic repellers. They seem to work, but presumably the mice just move down the street.

If you are using traps, bait them with peanut butter.
Thursday 12 June 2008 10.10pm
hello everyone,

hey JonR ... that is a hilarious idea ... i'd love to see pictures of the finished product, the humane mouse trap ... that's great.


Friday 13 June 2008 9.37am
the sonic repellants work well from experience.

we tried a trap that caught them and allowed you to release but the problem is they tell you that have to take them a long distance from where you caught them or they will find their way back(homing mice!)
Friday 13 June 2008 2.15pm
You have to go at least a mile away I think, otherwise they just head back to their nest. Quite often the mice will be scared to death when they're caught in a humane trap anyway, which is less humane than putting down a traditional trap that kills them quickly.

We had a mouse for a while, but I haven't seen it since putting peppermint oil down on the floor around where it came in. Probably a coincidence though.
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