rats and rabbits

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Sunday 22 June 2008 11.48am
Is there any substance my daughter can put on the bottom of her rabbits hutch that would deter rats?
She saw several gnawings on the bottom exterior of the cage and then her dog spotted a rat. The rat it appears has tried either to enter the hutch for food ( bad move Crumbs and Baby don't shre any thing!)
or to obtain bedding for a nest as loads of hay and straw was pulled through,

is there a substance that would be safe to use if the rabbits nibbled it?
Monday 23 June 2008 7.48am
Rats don't usually eat rabbit food, so this is rather surprising. Unfortunately what's bad for rats is also bad for rabbits. I'd suggest reinforcing the rabbit hutch.
Wednesday 25 June 2008 7.21am
One of the rabbit foods my daughter is feeding to them is..Fruity Rabbit food, dried bananas,raisins etc. The hutch will have to be reinforced with a metal strip, because it is a two storey 'Buck'ingham palace, the flipping rat has climbed up and tried to chew the upper door! electric fence for rats anyone?
Wednesday 25 June 2008 9.17am
Maybe the sonic repellents are safe for rabbits. I know people who've tried them and they didn't work but I also know others who bought the more expensive ones and they were brilliant.
Wednesday 25 June 2008 10.24am
The ultrasonic devices are OK for use near cats and dogs, but not rabbits. Seems they are all like this - see "Product Description"
Sunday 3 August 2008 6.30pm
No animal should ever be kept in a cage - my pet rabbit lived to the grand age of 10 years, house trained and carefree, never locked up!
Sunday 3 August 2008 8.55pm
longlaner, whilst rabbit food alone wouldn't be a healthy diet for a rat (lacking in protein), most of what's in a rabbit food mixture would be very appealing to a rat.

Jan, you can buy mesh quite cheaply. Couldn't you make a simple wooden frame and attach mesh? It can just be stapled to the outside. If it's big enough, it can cover the hutch with a good gap between the two.
Monday 4 August 2008 10.58am
Claire, i don't like cages either, one was a rabbit somehow she acquired which was supplied in a tiny tiny hutch, poor thing could not even go on hind legs, so a massive square hutch was purchased with a very large area downstairs about 6 foot square and a ramp into the sleeping area which was about half the size...then she felt sorry for this poor thing who had lived alone in this tiny hutch for three years...so got another baby one! and it's a lovely thing to see them groom each other. Unfortunately a house rabbit would not have been an option , not just because it would terrify old Crumbs, but my daughter has a gorgeous english springer spaniel which would more that likely spring on it!
Beetroot thats a good idea about the frame, I'll tell my daughter..:-)

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