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Tuesday 24 June 2008 10.04am
Have any of you done this, or do you know anyone who has? I'm booked in for surgery with Accuvision next month and I'm quite nervous about it. That said, I've read some amazing reviews about that clinic, they seem to have all the latest technology and my consultation was incredibly thorough, professional and reassuring. If all goes well, it's going to be quite a major change to my life - I've been dependent on glasses and contacts since 1990.
Tuesday 24 June 2008 10.54am
Well Ive only heard my cousin who was operated at Moorfields and she's delighted. I'll be fascinated to hear how it goes...good luck
Tuesday 24 June 2008 12.01pm
Hi wjfox.

I had the "old" PRK laser treatment back in 1992 - but my vision has now regressed to the point that I am considering laser treatment again. Laser eye surgery was in its infancy back then and today's treatments seem to have fewer regression problems.

As you are going with Accuvision, I assume you are booked in for Lasik surgery.

These are the things important to me that I have considered for my future surgery:

1) Lasik is higher risk than Lasek due to the creation of a corneal flap

2) Lasik corneal flap creation with a microkeratome is more risky than a flap created with IntraLase

3) Lasek is less risky than Lasik as no corneal flap is required - however, the procedure is more painful and recovery is slower (this procedure is similar to the PRK I had back in 1992)

4) Accuvision do not offer IntraLase or Lasek

5) Ultralase offers IntraLase but they are more expensive that Accuvision

6) Ultralase seem to have more modern equipment than Accuvision

7) As with most things in life, you get what you pay for and my vision is priceless to me. After researching many laser eye treatment companies, I am drawn to Ultralase

8) The Utralase website has a great forum where nervous patients can ask questions pre and post procedure that will be answered by Utralase staff. Also, once you know who your surgeon will be, you can read about them on the forum

You can tell that I am interested in this subject and have done some research, as I am sure you have, and the above is my personal opinion of Accuvision and Ultralase.

Please don't let me put you off your Accuvision surgery - I am sure you have done your own homework, but having other opinions helps you come to an objective decision. Laser eye surgery is not to be taken lightly.

My choice? - Before IntraLase I would have gone for Lasek with Utralase, but am now drawn to ULTRALASIKplus offered by Utralase. I have no affiliation with either company - this is my personal view.
Wednesday 25 June 2008 8.16am
One word of caution, my friends daughter mentioned the fact to the operative that she had a congenital problem with one of her eyes or rather at the back of, she had haemangioma, she was told that it was fine, she had both of her eyes done at once which was a silly move, as reputable eye surgeons will only operate on one eye at a time due to possible infection.
One eye she had very little pain, the other pained her for some time, a few months later she had a stroke! she was 39. we are convinced that it was the pressure on the eye that caused it...
Wednesday 25 June 2008 10.51am
I had my eyes lasered (Lasik) 6 weeks ago and I am absolutely thrilled! Having been dependent on glasses and contacts since the age of 7, I wish I had it done earlier. The whole procedure took about 15 minutes and was rather uneventful. Recovery went remarkably quickly: the next day I drove to the Ophtalmologist for the post-op check. My vision is more than 20/20. The only 'problem' I would say, is that I am more sensitive to bright sunlight than before, but that is a normal side effect in the months following the procedure.

Strongly recommended!
Tuesday 15 July 2008 11.44am
Had it done yesterday morning at the Accuvision clinic in Fulham. Seemed to go well. Vision was pretty hazy and blurred for the first couple of hours though, which had me worried initially. Things got much better by the late afternoon, though still not perfect. It will probably take another 3-4 days before I have "eagle eye" vision :-)

The procedure itself wasn't too bad - I was nervous, but there was no pain whatsoever, and the staff were incredibly friendly, professional and reassurring throughout. The laser machine itself was awesome - as I looked up, it reminded me of the sequence near the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey, where all the stars are rushing past. Very trippy and psychedelic! The smell of burnt eye cells was weird :-)

At bedtime, the plastic eye shields were fine, and I slept okay. This morning, the corneal flap seems to have healed slightly - my left eye vision (the one I was worried about) is significantly improved and stabilised. My overall vision is still a touch blurred though. It's roughly equivalent to what I had with contact lenses before - so even if this is the best I get, I'll be reasonably happy I guess. But hopefully it will get clearer over the next few days/weeks. We shall see.

One thing I'm really happy about is my night vision - was terrified about halos/starbursts around light sources (due to my massive pupils), but this has only been a very minor issue so far; nothing to worry about at all.

Off to see my family in Cambridgeshire this afternoon. First holiday I've had in ages... will be nice to get away from London and relax in the countryside.
Tuesday 15 July 2008 11.52am
Boss St Bloke wrote:

6) Ultralase seem to have more modern equipment than Accuvision

No, I'm pretty sure Accuvision have more modern equipment. They are the first and only UK clinic to use the WaveLight Allegretto Eye-Q 400 Hz (Google it - it's had some incredible reviews in medical journals, etc). This machine is specifically tailored for people with large pupils (like me), and has been shown to substantially reduce night vision problems. It's also the fastest laser available.
Tuesday 15 July 2008 2.32pm
Do post in another week, wjfox, and let us know how things are.
Monday 21 July 2008 4.48pm
Just had my 1 week checkup: I now have actually better than 20-20 vision. Two consultants looked at my eyes, and confirmed everything looks okay.

I was quite worried about my right eye, which kept fogging over and becoming hazy at times, but this seems to have settled down recently. Just part of the natural healing process I suppose.

Already I'm feeling happier and more confident... a life without glasses and contacts awaits me. The feeling of "freedom" I have is wonderful.

Tuesday 22 July 2008 9.43am
You are persuading me....although will anyone recognise me without glasses?
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