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Wednesday 13 August 2008 2.22pm
Why do we have to walk a gauntlet of puffing morons out side every pub and workplace throughout the city,more often than not we have to walk in the road endangering our lives in the process of evading clouds of disgusting second hand smoke blurrghh.we cant even enjoy a meal or drink outside now why can,t we just ban this vulgar and nasty offensive habit or provide a place for them to inhale their poison gas,pub owners ,do you crave addictive customers at the risk to their health,have you no concern only to profit from them,what does that say about your industry,i for one have had it with pubs as they operate and judging by the sales in them so have others.
Wednesday 13 August 2008 2.34pm
Tim - relax mate. I am pleased they are puffing outside and not inside - the addicts need somewhere to take their dug of choice, surely? Do what I do: hold your breath as you approach and feel smug that your lungs are in better condition!
Wednesday 13 August 2008 2.34pm

How would you feel if drinking alcohol outside were banned as well? That's equally endangering to health and can become an anti-social habit.

I'm not a smoker, but I despise the creeping UK legislation that attempts to regulate bodies at every turn.
Wednesday 13 August 2008 2.40pm
Surely this is an obvious troll?
Wednesday 13 August 2008 3.02pm
my drinking is responsible,i dont need a lecture as i can handle drink unlike most lightweights on view most nights,get your smoke out of my face.
Wednesday 13 August 2008 3.02pm
My work often involves moving furniture in & out of office buildings, shops & flats. Now that smoking is banned in the workplace, my workplace has become 'lung alley'. Most smokers respond well to my requests to 'sod off and not smoke around me & my staff', but some have been offensive, even aggressive. I would respect anyone's right to self harm, but to inflict on others is indefensible.
Smokers, I realise your addiction is paramount in your lives, but there are other people in this world too.
Wednesday 13 August 2008 3.04pm
well said graham
Wednesday 13 August 2008 4.39pm
If they ban smoking, then can they also ban all forms of fattening food? That is equally as damaging to health, and to be honest, I find fat people really offensive. They too take up most of the pavement, and they generally walk slowly and get in the way of all the reasonable, unfat people trying to go about their business.
Wednesday 13 August 2008 4.45pm
chuckalata wrote:
to be honest, I find fat people really offensive.

Try replacing "fat" with a few other choice adjectives, and see how genuinely offensive this comment is.
Wednesday 13 August 2008 4.45pm
chuckalata do you realy equate obesity with smoking,or are you that much of a chucklehead,since when did other peoples fat get in your lungs and ruin your health
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