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Friday 15 August 2008 1.49pm
Is there something that really gets on your wick?

Do you really want to let of steam, scream and shout about your percieved injustice in the world?

then why not do it here?!

Have a rant about anything you want.*

*annonymity not gaurenteed - beware or reprisals, etc, etc,
Friday 15 August 2008 2.01pm

I'll start shall I?


They really p155 me off!
you can tell a troll because their first post is objectionable, and rude. and then their second third, fourth, and all other posts follow suit, but the subject matter is irrelevant. They'll dissagree with absolutly anything, just to be annoying and awkward.

and there is absolutely no need for it
What pupose does it serve?
no body knows who they are
their not going to have more friends because of it
or get more invites to parties
(in fact if people know who they are it'll be the opposite)
it's like attention seeking, only pointless.
they have far too much free time on their hands, and that time could be better spent to the greater good.


not a particularly long rant, but heh, I feel better!
Friday 15 August 2008 2.11pm
They like winding people up. We have a new one in our midst who seems intent on being obnoxious. My rant du jour, however, would be about the unavailability of an up-to-date country-specific guidebook to Uzbekistan. Pah.
Friday 15 August 2008 2.13pm
go ahead rant away. There must be other SE1ers who have had the same niggling want for said guidbook, but with nowhere to let out their frustrations.

Have you tried that book shop on Lower Marsh?
Friday 15 August 2008 2.24pm
It's not a question of not being able to buy such a book; the book doesn't exist, or rather, the one dedicated modern guidebook to the country is out of print. There's a fresh edition due for publication next month, but by then it won't be relevant any longer. Copies of previous editions of the book sell for ludicrous sums!
Friday 15 August 2008 3.38pm
On the book subject I'm afraid you're out of luck, there will be someone making money out of out of date books. I've got one on my list of books I would like to read. Original price 25 or thereabouts. Inly available second hand for 300....

Oh and don't get me started on the blooming troll!!!
Friday 15 August 2008 4.54pm
That's the 2002 edition. Believe me, it's not for want of trying...
Friday 15 August 2008 5.11pm
soz - I thought after I posted - doh.
Friday 15 August 2008 7.01pm
This thread is ridiculous. Threads like this really get my goat and anyone posting here must be a moron. Have you ranters nothing better to do? - get a blimmin life!
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