scotland and council tax

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Wednesday 3 September 2008 3.44pm
If they abolished it, how would the 3 pence tax work...3p on what?
Wednesday 3 September 2008 4.44pm
3p on anything?
Wednesday 3 September 2008 5.43pm
It's an income tax, so it would be related to earnings. The idea is to stop hammering people who are poor with unmanageable council tax demands, creating a system instead where people pay in accordance with their means.
Thursday 4 September 2008 2.15pm
So that is presumably people who bought their council flat for 2500 and it was valued at 100000 in 1990? Does that mean that when these people come to sell these places for 450000, the public get a cut of that or is the gain personal and the loss public?
Wednesday 10 September 2008 3.53pm
Given that it's Scotland and they are notoriously stingy, my guess is that anything over the original purchase price falls to the Government. Did they not have massive over runs on the builidng of the parliament building?
Wednesday 10 September 2008 10.51pm
"notoriously stingy" obviously you have never been to a pub wiith an english person! Why the racist comment ? Why dont you keep to the topic and keep your negative comments to yourself, Tattie !
Thursday 11 September 2008 1.15pm
that's not racist - it's a fact.
like saying that all scousers are thieving bastards
or that all Welshmen shag sheep.

(Hopefully I don't need to add a smiley face to this post to imply that that was said in jest...?)

The Scots are notoriously stingy.

I've been to lots of pubs with lots of English people (and so has Tattie I believe) - how does that affect ones opinion on the stingyness, or otherwise of Scottish people?

Now if Tattie was going out with a scottish person, called Dave, say for several years, then would that qualify her to comment on how stingy scottish people are?

back on topic - I know nothing about Scottish Council tax.
Thursday 11 September 2008 1.28pm
And on top of that, I'm Dutch and we're even worse.

Apologies to anyone who felt this comment was offensive.

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