Hot eyes

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Monday 8 September 2008 5.19pm
This is a silly question,but what's the answer ?
Why is it that your eyes feel red hot and full of sand when you've had a bad night's sleep? Why doesn't it affect your other bits, such as giving you hot fingers for instance? Do cats suffer like us after a night on the tiles? Does anyone out there know why,and if they do,then why do they know ? Thank you !
Wednesday 10 September 2008 8.28pm
I had a feeling that no-one would be able to answer this one.
Thursday 11 September 2008 12.02pm
did you fall asleep with the hair dryer left on, near the cat litter?
Thursday 11 September 2008 12.15pm
You hit the nail on the (hot)head !Instant remedy.
Thursday 11 September 2008 12.32pm
I've just realised that you,JonR, wrote a really informed and consoling article re. the Large Hadron Collider recently.I bow to your infinitely superior knowledge in physics now and will accept that it is indeed cat litter that causes the hot eyes,even though I don't have a cat.Perhaps it permeates through my walls from my neighbour's in atom particles ? I'll wear a plastic bag over my head in future,but I may not wake up again so I won't have to bother about hot eyes anyway.Thanks,JonR !
Thursday 11 September 2008 2.51pm
the reason is your eyes shed their skin constantly, like the rest of you, they do this mostly at night, thats what the sleep in the corner of your eye is thats and excess tears that keep your eyes moistened over night, obviously if your eyes are open more, this happens at a slower rate so what you have in your eyes the next day is your old retina and it stings like tiny grains of sand
Thursday 11 September 2008 6.48pm
Thank you,Mr (or is that Doctor?)West.That's a most interesting explanation and there's no way that I would have thought of that.The body is so wonderfully complex,small wonder that we lay people have a lot to learn and never will do so,but where does the hairdryer fit in the scenario now ?
Friday 12 September 2008 8.46am
you ought to dry your hair with your hair dryer, i am actually an estate agent, but i was a pipefitter, and if you stand near a welder without eye protection, the arc light burns of your retina and it stings like hell for 24 hours, its called arc eye
Friday 12 September 2008 8.11pm
Can you imagine what it must have been like for all those people in the Eurotunnel yesterday ,drivers and Firefighters?It makes my hot eye problem pale into insignificance,to be sure. So scarey,&I'm due to go down there next week,have never had second thoughts before, but now...
Saturday 23 April 2011 12.40am
Hi, I just went to an opthamologist for my hot eyes. He looked at them and pretty much told me what davidwest posted but he added one thing. He had several options for treatment. One was restasis (sp?), another was plug-in collagen inserts that basically plug up your tear ducts and allow you to keep whatever moisture your eyes produce naturally. I choose the inserts (which are temporary, they dissolve in 4-7 days). He just put them in this afternoon, so far so good.

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