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Tuesday 21 June 2011 9.32am
As some one who has followed the thread on borough market with interest, I rather saddened when the thread had to be closed by yourself due to the poor behaviour of one or two posters. I think it is a subject that really should be openly discussed and is a very important issue for SE1 . As such it should be kept in the public eye, something that thread I am sure has helped to do, not just locally but nationally.

I am not very tech savvy but Apart from closing someones account completely,(which i know you would only do as a last resort) is it not possible to restrict a user from posting on a particular topic for a set period of time? That way they would have a cooling off period but others who follow the rules can continue to contribute to or follow the discussion.

James you dont have an easy job to do, in an ideal world of course your contributors would stick to the rules and not continue getting into petty arguments when asked not to but sadly that not the case.
Tuesday 21 June 2011 10.12am
Our forum software is a bit primitive so there isn't a way to impose technical restrictions on which threads certain users can participate in.

One would either have to ban someone outright or rely on their compliance with a request to keep away from a certain area.

If someone were to be banned this could be counterproductive as it may encourage the user to try to disrupt the forum using different usernames.

I agree the Borough Market issue is important and I hope in a few days a sensible discussion can be had.

On the last day of the previous thread we were getting a lot of heat but precious little light.

Editor of the London SE1 website.
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Tuesday 21 June 2011 11.29am
i thought that might be the case. Given their behaviour i suspect if you just asked them to refrain from posting on that thread for X days they probably wouldnt take any notice or as you say try logging in as another user. Hopefully when it returns we can return to useful posting only and not bickering but i have my doubts.
Tuesday 21 June 2011 9.38pm
Hello James,
I politely enquired as to whether you would be informing us as and when the subject of BM could be discussed. In return, I did not receive a reply and instead the thread was closed.
You're obviously a busy man, as am I. I am reluctant to start writing about BM only to find that it does not get published or the thread is promptly closed and removed.
All you need to say is either, "Yes, I shall post a message to say that the Borough Market can now be discussed" or "No, you will have to guess when it's O.K again".
Is that too much to ask?
Tuesday 21 June 2011 10.36pm
Hello Pieces of Eight

I am reluctant to commit to a particular timescale for lifting the current moratorium on market discussions but I suggest you leave it till the weekend before raising the matter again.

Editor of the London SE1 website.
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Tuesday 21 June 2011 11.05pm
Hello James,
I fully understand.
Thank you
Wednesday 29 June 2011 8.35pm
Hello James,
Why was the market rumour thread closed?

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