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Thursday 19 December 2002 7.49pm
Thought I'd post what I think were the highlights on the message boards this year.

5. Let's start a club night

Ah we all pitched in and decided to start the new Fabric in SE1, the type of night swung from deep trance psycho flared drip trip flip flop hip hop to cornish poetry readings and then to dwarf lap dancing. We all agreed to meet, a date was set and someone promised to wear an orange t-shirt. Unfortunately it was a cold night, two people turned up and the second one was colour blind and couldn't spot the tango man from 3 paces.

4. Estate agents

They came under fire and fought back, accusing some stereotyping them then enforcing the stereotypes with talk of totty, you could almost smell the aftershave.

3. Tanning shop girl

Some blokes spotted a nice looking blonde in the tanning shop on St Thomas' Street. much e-drooling ensued, some estateagents were spotted in mcdonalds with binoculars, someone on here said the girl was their girlfriend, I'm not so sure (with a girlfriend like that would you bother with the internet?)

2. Countryside march

Jobs, post offices, schools all of these issues oh and fox hunting were debated in a calm manner. Plus fours and the smell of tweed wafted through SE1, the morning after their party the pavements were awash with cider vomlettes. Hunting horns, riding crops and leather boots - sounds like a night round Frank Bough's

1. Champor Champor

Some stupid cow came on here and attacked Champor Champor many replying with complete bewilderment at her somments, from this day on any unwarrented self centred opinion becomes know as 'doing a Natalie'
Friday 20 December 2002 5.20pm
classic especially about the club night! What about all the supermarket posts?!
Friday 20 December 2002 5.25pm
For a bit of fun, here's the table of who's posted the most (the top 100):

Unfortunately it doesn't take account of those who have changed their usernames.


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Monday 23 December 2002 10.15am
Number 10:

I am delighted to see that you disqualified that thread about congestion charging on the grounds of being really, really boring.

Number 13
Tuesday 24 December 2002 3.44pm
I quite liked the one about fat people blocking the pavement. Even if I do say so myself.


-MM- The Nature of Monkey was Irrepressible.
Thursday 26 December 2002 4.38pm

I am afraid the winner has to be "Is it gay to wax your chest?"
Monday 31 March 2003 4.24pm
Well I reckon the winner should be Biscuit Boy's "Top 5 posts of this year". Talk about arrogant, totally pointless and self-congratulatory. This kind of message from now on I will term "doing a Biscuit Boy".

You and Natalie should hook up by the look of it you may have much in common :-)

Post edited (31 Mar 03 17:25)
Monday 31 March 2003 4.45pm
Isn't there a clause about personal attacks in the rules? Things are getting quite nasty in these forums. Can't we all just be nice to each other?


PS Biscuit Boy makes me smile.
Monday 31 March 2003 4.46pm
Well I thought biscuit boy's roundup of the year was very funny...

Adele, you seem to be quick to condemn others' postings as irrelevant or uninteresting. This forum is generally good-natured. Please let's keep it that way.
Monday 31 March 2003 9.05pm
Hang on a second, James and Miss Jo Jo

I detect some terrible bias here. You say I seem quick to condemn others' postings?? Have you read Biscuit Boy's message in this thread? Do you not think it is offensive and condemning?? I quote:

"Some stupid cow came on here and attacked Champor Champor many replying with complete bewilderment at her somments, from this day on any unwarrented self centred opinion becomes know as 'doing a Natalie'"

Typos aside, this does not make "me smile" as Miss Jo Jo says and furthermore I stand by my comments about Biscuit Boy's message as a whole. I am not sure why I am being unfairly picked on for merely expressing my opinion about what I consider to be an offensive and arrogant message, I was only applying his logic to his own message. Furthermore he also attacked me personally in another thread in the feedback forum stating:

"Can you please set up an 'Adele's important topics' section,as it would save me time and effort by allowing me to ignore it completely. other suggested names for it are 'misinformation service' or 'cobwebs'"

Am I not entitled to defend myself against this attack? Why have you not posted a message that Biscuit Boy is being condemnatory? Why don't you let fellow postees decide whether I was offensive or not and at the very least allow myself to respond to his offensive comments?

Post edited (31 Mar 03 22:11)
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