Third party addresses on forum?

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Monday 19 May 2003 8.28pm
As James does such a fantastic job, I am surprised to see a reply to a message in Chatter detailing names and addresses of people who could not have given permission for these details to be posted on the web.

I realise that the details are available to view from the Electoral Register, but it seems a bit casual to 'broadcast' them on another site.

Even though the person doing it was only being helpful....
Monday 19 May 2003 8.35pm
Fair point.

I've only had time to have a very quick read through today's postings so far, but I'll edit the message in question right now.

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Monday 19 May 2003 8.45pm
All's well that ends well... I imagine you never have to constantly sit by your PC!
Wednesday 21 May 2003 12.42pm
If the details are from the most recent electoral register, I think it will be okay to publish them (according to the data protection act, anyway) as the registration form now allows people to opt out of having their details published.

If they are from previous electoral registers, I think that if these are also available on the net already it is also okay to publish them as they will have been released publicly for electronic copying.

The lesson to learn from this is to read small print carefully and make sure you tick the relevant boxes if you want to keep things private. As a researcher, I know how easy it is to get my hands on all sorts of info about people.
Wednesday 21 May 2003 1.35pm
I'm sure you're right, and obviously the infromation is publicly available, but equally I can understand that people might not want their details published in this way, so it's probably prudent not to do so.

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Wednesday 21 May 2003 3.12pm
James, I agreee with you. I just wanted to assure you it wouldn't be breaking the data protection act.

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