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Thursday 4 December 2003 8.12pm
James (and others), something that I think this site is brilliant for is recommendations of services and shops around SE1 (like Mapmaker's recommendation of Ashby's on the other board) or Ollys Fish and Chip shop which someone recommended to me a few months ago.

How feasible would it be to collect these recommendations somewhere on the site - a single page where you could see if someone had a recommendation for that type of business ?

You could probably exclude restaurants, pubs and bars because they're covered elsewhere (and it's a huge category), and you'd need appropriate disclaimers (and I guess some kind of mechanism to discourage people from pluging their own businesses). In fact, thinking about it, it sounds like a lot of work for you - which wasn't what I intended.

But I've started, so I'll finish, and would be interested to know what people think of this idea.

Friday 5 December 2003 8.46am
That sounds like a great ida. As a newcomer to SE1, I would be grateful if I knew where I could find out all about the hidden gems in SE1 - good shops, drycleaners, butchers, florists etc.....
Friday 5 December 2003 9.56am
Thanks for your suggestion Harriet

My infamous "to do" list for this site definitely includes some kind of proper "shops and services" section, but as ever it's a question of time...

I do want to link the forum in more closely to the other sections of the site.

For example, on our page which lists estate agents in SE1 there is a link to the massive forum thread about people's experiences of doing business with local agents

I'd like to do the same thing with other major topics - for example there was a recent topic on primary schools which could be featured in the education section.


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Friday 5 December 2003 10.55am
So maybe an easier way to achieve the same end would be a single page with lists of types of businesses that people have referred to on the forum, then just a link to a relevant thread which discusses them ?

That way, there would be a short cut to find, say, a window cleaner that others have recommended, but no greater need to worry about disclaimers or people plugging their own businesses.

Of course the "best of" thread a few months back would get linked to everything...but no system's perfect. ;-)

Tuesday 9 December 2003 12.21am
an even easier way (well, easier for the poor overloaded James, even if very slightly less easy for the rest of us) is to use the existing "search site" facility with your chosen category of tradesman or service.

T.U.Ms. Jo

Tuesday 9 December 2003 2.18pm
TUlMJ - you're quite right that the search function is the easiest way to find out if someone has recommended a particular service you are interested in.

My thinking was slightly different, in that there are lots of recommendations on the boards for things that would never cross my mind to look for, but are useful nonetheless. The perfect example is the recommendation of Ashby's. It wouldn't cross my mind to search the forums for a recommendation for a butcher, but now I've seen it, I will make the effort to use them, rather than Tesco.

As I said above, I have no desire to overload James - and really floated the idea to get others' views.

Tuesday 9 December 2003 11.51pm
I totally agree, I too saw the thing about Ashby's and made a mental note to pay a visit, but would never have thought to search for it. Yesterday I spent a happy half-hour browsing the restaurant listings without any particular need in mind, now I'm so inspired about all these local places that I want to eat out every day!
Thursday 18 December 2003 11.54am
Perhaps the voting facility could somehow be used to get a 'best of' for some categories, although I am not sure how you could safeguard against business owners cheating and adding votes.

It might work for restaurants - going on this website, people are quite passionate in their support of restaurants and the restaurant owners don't seem to be lurking.

(at least, they rarely chip in.)

I absolutely think it would be worth compiling a list of 'recommended suppliers/services', though - I add my strong support to that and am sure it would be one of the most visited pages on the site.
Thursday 18 December 2003 1.56pm
I've already started compiling a list of the relevant threads from the forum - watch this space

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