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Wednesday 19 May 2004 9.27am
Sorry if this has been previously explained and I haven't managed to find it, but could James or another knowledgeable person explain how (if possible) to stop receiving notification of new posts to a particular topic thread. I'm getting a bit overwhelmed by one particular thread, and while I wouldn't mind if the discussion were going anywhere, it's a pain to have to keep deleting emails if there's an easy way to switch off receiving updates for that thread only!

Second question: When you're viewing a particular discussion thread, at the head of the page (just above where it says 'By participating...') there are links back up to the home page, to the forum page, but not to the SE1/Chatter/Feedback page. Is there a reason for this, or could that be altered? Otherwise readers have to go back up two levels and then down one again (if you see what I mean!).


Wednesday 19 May 2004 9.42am
In answer to the first question, there isn't an easy way to unsubscribe - which is very annoying. The only way is for me to manually change the setting in the MySQL database. If you let me know what the thread in question is I will do my best.

As to the navigation, there is a usually a box in the top of the right hand column with links to the forum sections. However, it has been pushed down the list since I moved the SE1 Direct subscription box up to the top. I have now swapped them back.

I hope to improve the general navigation and usability of the forum when I finally get the database converted to work with the new version of the Phorum software. This has proved problematic but I hope to have another attempt this week.

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Wednesday 19 May 2004 9.59am

Many thanks for that helpful explanation. I've emailed you off-site.

In terms of the navigation - thanks, I hadn't spotted those links on the right hand side. I'll use them in future, but IMHO it would also be more intuitive to make the name of the particular forum a hyperlink too...

Good luck with the software update - I've never been involved in something so ambitious as the change you're planning: bad enough just restoring my friends' Macs from time to time!

One final suggestion would be to have an indicator under the Poll of how many votes had been cast...


Tuesday 25 May 2004 10.02pm
James, a totally personal and really quite insignificant bit of feedback:
I like the idea of displaying the total number of votes cast, but prefer the percentages for the individual options.
Tuesday 25 May 2004 10.05pm
Oh, sorry! I only changed it so I could check the current vote count and forgot to change it back!

I was going to start a new poll but got distracted and never finished the job.

Now fixed.

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Friday 13 August 2004 10.36pm
You can now unsubscribe from topic updates in your control panel (look under 'Followed threads')

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