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Tuesday 18 April 2006 2.32pm
I discovered recently that there are no Tupperware demonstrators in London. Having had to get a demonstrator to come to me from miles away, I have decided that SE1 needs Tupperware and I am having a go at demonstrating myself. I am now looking to arrange a few Tupperware demos over the next month or so: anyone fancy hosting a Taste of Tupperware Experience for a few friends?

Basically I will show you how to use Tupperware items (which are now as much about preparing food as storing it) to cook a specific dish for your guests, which we can discuss in advance.

As host, you get "host pounds" towards your Tupperware purchases. Depending on how much is sold you get up to 20% of the sales at your party in host pounds, plus up to three items half-price. You will need to have a total spend at your party of more than 75 for these benefits to kick in.

More details on my website or send me a private message if you want to know more. Go on, you know you want some...


Tuesday 18 April 2006 3.16pm
Andrew H wrote:
Having had to get a demonstrator to come to me from miles away,

The mind boggles. Or is the 21st C. definition of "have to" similar to that of "need [something]"?

...if you press it, they will come.
Tuesday 18 April 2006 3.25pm
Maybe you should set up the next SE1 social!?
Tuesday 18 April 2006 4.07pm
Ooh yes. The amount of SE1ers out there in need of a new lunchbox must be legion.

...if you press it, they will come.
Tuesday 18 April 2006 4.12pm
Tupperware is apparently worth good money because there are collectors. I saw in a book that my mum's muesli container, in which she has kept Alpen since it was first seen in the UK (and probably the original Alpen too, by the taste of it), is one of the most sought-after early tupperware collectibles and is worth 45! So treat this as an investment opportunity...
Tuesday 18 April 2006 4.24pm
There just aren't enough Silicone based products in my life - I'm seriously tempted to spend spend spend.
Tuesday 18 April 2006 5.14pm
The party aspect is also not to be overlooked. Never turn down a good party.
Tuesday 18 April 2006 5.59pm
The silicone cookware is fantastic actually, and needs no greasing.

So does anyone want to host a demo? Have Tupperware, will travel. If it were warmer, I would suggest meeting in Falmouth Road Park on the New Kent Road, but realistically it needs to be indoors.

Wednesday 19 April 2006 8.39am
FYI I am looking to schedule another Tupperware party in May sometime. I would be delighted to make it an SE1 social, that would be fun With a cooking demo (either microwave or conventional) you do get to use more of the products, but we could also have a demo that involves preparing food that doesn't need any cooking.

Let me know anyway

Wednesday 19 April 2006 9.56am
Will you wear a gingham pinny?
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