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Tuesday 10 October 2006 7.20pm
Just posting a message to check if anyone would be interested in having a get-together where we can all pitch some dosh and share a few bottles of whisky in the spirit of socialising and general whisky "research".

No posh patronising, just meeting new faces and some new tasty beverages the cheapest way possible. Ah, socialist boozing...

I just moved down here from Edinburgh where I hosted whisky meetings fortnightly to great success: ie. everyone had fun, learned a little, met new people, and felt the warm glow a few drams can give.
Post a reply and let me know if this something you or anyone you know would be into.

Tuesday 10 October 2006 8.30pm
Sounds good to me. Been to Vinopolis yesterday and tasted some very nice whiskeys
Wednesday 11 October 2006 6.49am
Oh, goodness me, I'd be delighted to taste whiskeys, so long as I can walk home afterwards. Back in November. Perhaps we can fix a whiskey date at Firework Night. (also a Poker date and a date to drink Janef's beers).
Wednesday 11 October 2006 11.38am
I won't be around for fireworks night (on hols till 10th November), but let me know the date and I'll see if I can make it
Wednesday 11 October 2006 4.45pm
we could try going to the Brittania pub, they have three large chalk boards on the wall, showing all their whisk(e)ys. I tried Glen Goyne last time i was there, and it was lovely, i also tried Laphroiag (sp?) recently, and that had a distinct earthy, peaty flavour to it, which was nice as well.
Wednesday 11 October 2006 4.49pm
Laphroig - one of my personal favourites.... although I have to say the 12yr Caol Ila is very nice as well
Friday 13 October 2006 5.48pm
This sounds like a great idea. I should add that I bumped into Sam at the vinopolis whisky shop and it seemd all the better an idea after a few sips!

I do have a question or two - first how much are you thinking - would it be (say) 10 each or more like 50? Also, would you recommend a place to drink it (e.g. a pub which will allow us to bring our own in, or elsewhere?). I am happy to scout out places, in fact I have a few in mind already... (sadly my tiny flat is too small for a large crowd of whisky tasters...)

Would you like to go with me?
Wherever I'm going
Are you *really* asking?
Is that your *real* answer?
Friday 13 October 2006 7.41pm
What about 25 year old MacAllan?
Monday 16 October 2006 3.43pm
Jackie, if they like Whisky, anyone can come, no age limits (well obviously they'll have to be over 18, but this 25 year old clearly is).
Monday 16 October 2006 4.04pm
Glad we're all chatting...
So yeah, I work (sometimes) at The Whisky Exchange in Vinopolis. I like my whisky and getting to talk about it all day is hardly "work".
To answer questions aout our communal whisky research:
The initial idea is to get a group committed to meeting, say 10 people, and we each throw some money, say a tenner, and we buy a few whiskies to try together, say 4.
Each bottle can serve 28 drams(we need not drink it all), so there is no question about getting our money's worth, and the more poeple we get involved over time, the more exciting and expensive the bottles we try can become!
In the past, I have held these tastings in various pubs, student unions, hotel board rooms, and in flats. To start, a flat might be best, but if you have any leads on pubs that would welcome us, go for it!
Also, I have dozens of tasting glasses so we wouldnt need a pub or flat to provide.
So lets try to find a venue, round up some nice people, chat in this forum, and try to get together over the next month.
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