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Friday 26 March 2004 1.47pm
lol well im a text-a-holic so wenever im on the comp, it tends to come out as if im txting
Friday 26 March 2004 2.13pm
evwerr tryoid typyimg vwith the wrrong hand./////////?

heh heh dyslexia rules KO heh
Friday 26 March 2004 2.16pm
G00se, welcome to the forum, but is there any chance you could tone down the comedy writing style a bit? This "heh heh" thing gets a bit tedious after a while



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Friday 26 March 2004 2.20pm


But won't.
Friday 26 March 2004 2.21pm
Heh heh conform to your OWN idea of what's funny, not mine heh
Friday 26 March 2004 3.25pm

In case you didn't realise, James runs this forum and has invested a lot of time getting it up and running to what it is today. So it might be nice if you respected his requests. You should remember that any forum moderator can actually remove / edit posts as he / she sees fit, so the case of "won't" is a bit acadamic - it might just be that you don't get published.

And I would second Ivanhoe's comments - people do tend to get a bit peeved when they've invested time in typing out a response only to find out that it was either a childish wind-up or that the person who has posted doesn't really care about / understand the question they posed.

Friday 26 March 2004 7.26pm
honestly peeps im surprised that so many people have replied to my post so thanks loads and im looking into it now, i have a fair idea on what to do but im still on the dicussion seat with my partner.
umm got the feeling GOOse (gee what a name) was starting to rule my message board lol!!!!!
Saturday 27 March 2004 12.11am
I give up. What's lol? And all the other short forms. It reminds me a bit of the sixties and seventies when it was cool to say nothing, to never admit not understanding. Or, shortly afterwards, admitting you like Chas and Dave. There's no pleasing some people, though.
Saturday 27 March 2004 4.04am
lol = laugh/laughing/ laughed out loud

IMO = In my opinion

IMHO = In my humble opinion

LMAO = Laugh/ laughing/ laughed my ar*e off

ROFLMAO = Rolling on floor etc

TFIC = Tongue firmly in cheek (copyright SE1 forum)

Can't think of any more right now. It's 4 am and there are birds singing outside. I should be asleep. Zzzzzzzzzzz
Saturday 27 March 2004 8.32am
Its making me feel old.

Heh Heh Heh (sorry James)
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