No supply of Mains Water in my flat in Lupin Point, Abbey Street

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Sunday 21 August 2011 9.39am
Can anyone help, please!!

My flat in Lupin Point, Abbey Street has had no supply of mains water (i.e., no supply of water in the kitchen and into the combination boiler, as a result no heating and hot water in the bathroom too) for the past 2 weeks (literally since the mains water burst in the area). I have cold water in the bathroom/toilet. Thames Water reckon there is a problem between my flat and flat above (all flats below me have no problem at all and flats 2 floors above me is also ok). The occupant above me is not responding and I guess either they live away all the times or are on holiday at the moment or something else that I do not know. The office manager reckons we need access to the flat above to supply me with new connection or to see where the fault is.

I am wondering if any expert here in the forum can identify the fault and have an idea to remedy this fault. If I cannot gain access to the flat above I am going to be without heating and hot water soon which is unbearable.

Many plumbers say that water (both mains and non-mains supply) is pumped in to tower blocks (my block has more than 20 floors) and then distributed using pumps. I am wondering why it is only my flat that is affected! Could their be a block somewhere? Airlock was ruled out by some plumbers saying it cannot take place in mains supply but how can mains supply in tower blocks without a pump? There are no water meters in the block!

I shall be gratful for expert opinions and experiences of people who had similar incidents like this.
Thursday 25 August 2011 2.53pm
(hoping this has been sorted out by now)

Cutting to the chase:

If your flat is without mains (ie Fresh) water - and consequently without hot water and heating then your housing managers have a duty to resolve the matter within a handful of days.

I'm guessing you own your flat. If you were a tenant then you have a right by law that this sort of repair is to be done within a couple of days (at most) otherwise you can arrange for your own person to come in and fix it at the council's cost. This Law is called the 'Right to Repair Regulations' ( - though a lot of councils keep quiet about it.

A lot of housing managers are not keen to force entry into flats. However if the affect on your flat is that severe then they have a duty to get it sorted out asap. I would go back to the housing office and demand they get it sorted.

About water in tower blocks

Many tower blocks in Southwark have two sources of water. Mains water (usually just for the tap in the kitchen) - this is proper, direct, fresh water.

They also have a water tank in the roof - providing a separate supply to the toilet, bath etc. This is not (as) fresh.

Most of the tower blocks in the area - certainly the council ones - were built before combi-boilers were invented and got their water supply from the roof water tank.

This may be changed if a combi-boiler was installed afterwards, but you'd have to ask a heating expert if it's right the combi boilers should be attached to the mains in this case. Often these boiler conversions are done not by the council, but by people who think they know what they're doing (but don't)

I live on the 11th floor of a tower block (the top)and my mains water is not pumped but comes direct. Interestingly, if there's been work on the water mains in the area, I often get air coming out of the tap before water does.

What I think has happened

I read what you say about plumbers, but my money is that there's an airlock in the system (particularly if there's been a mains burst recently) - perhaps just affecting a few flats.

If the pipes in your block are like a christmas tree - with some branches serving a few flats each - then it wouldn't surprise me if you've got an airlock just in your branch - and turning the taps on at the end of the branch (your missing neighbour,perhaps) would get things going again.

If it isn't sorted the DO DO go to the housing office and don't take no for an answer until they get it sorted.

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