Opinions on Bermondsey area?!?

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Friday 29 June 2012 10.38am
My friend has just bought a flat a couple of minutes walk from Bermondsey tube station (on Southwark Park Road, just off Jamaica Road), that I am thinking of moving into.
Just wanted people's opinions on the area really. I have read things on other forums and am getting mixed messages.
Would you say it is safe for a young woman to walk around on her own from the tube? I start work in September, and I am expecting some late nights at work, and want to make sure I'll be safe walking home from the station.
Any thoughts would be good!!
Tuesday 3 July 2012 12.15pm
I think the first thing you should do is work out your route home and then walk it at night to see how you feel (perhaps with a friend the first few times).

I have lived in Bermondsey for 7 years and never had any problems - my place is just off Southwark Park Road, but I have heard of people being mugged so it does happen. That said, I don't think it is any worse than other parts of London and if you take the usual precauations you should be fine. By usual precautions I mean to walk confidently at a good speed, conceal valuables and be aware of your surroundings.

If you don't feel comfortable walking after a certain time, perhaps you could also look into taking a local bus?
Thursday 5 July 2012 10.42am
From my experience, I had never feel uncomfortable at the time of living in Bermondsey. One more thing is you are not only the person in Bermondsey, So I think make good relations with your neighbors.
Sunday 8 July 2012 12.37pm
If it's at the North end of Southwark Park Road, ie you walk East down Jamaica Road, and turn off, then it's mostly fine (insofar as anywhere in London is fine these days - bad things can happen anywhere). Since you say "a couple of minutes walk", I'm guessing it is here.

If it's on the main drag of Southwark Park Road (ie around the Blue market) then it is not fine - you have a choice of ways to walk, the quieter way which feels safer (but is quiet, so if something happens, nobody's there), or the main road way, which feels scary even to me as a six foot something man, but at least has constant traffic.

There's more low level antisocial behaviour than actual violence, but there does appear to be a troll living under the bridge at the Drummond Road side - two assaults in the last month.
Friday 3 August 2012 9.57pm
I live just behind the tube station, and have done for over 10 years, and find the area as safe as any other. Must say I disagree with the comments about the blue. Quite a few of my friends (including women) live around that area and have never had problems or felt threatened.

As previously mentioned, best advice is the same as for any new area, try it out at the times you'll be walking.
Saturday 4 August 2012 12.52pm
andyman wrote:
Must say I disagree with the comments about the blue. Quite a few of my friends (including women) live around that area and have never had problems or felt threatened.

If they live North of the Blue, then it may well feel fine (though I'm not convinced it is). If they live on Southwark Park Road itself, then I cannot imagine how they feel safe at all.

Intimidating youths are constantly roaming the streets, often not actively doing anything other than asserting themselves, but fairly often throwing missiles of various sorts at pedestrians and cyclists.

The area to the South-East of the Blue is now so affected by gangs that there have been police raids, following an appeal to the authorities. I suppose we can console ourselves that it has been almost four months since the last (reported) rape.

Which is before you get into the late-night generalised antisocialness that you get on any busy street with pubs in most towns, but nonetheless differentiates Southwark Park Road to the West from the bit that is, in fact, by the Park.

Crime and anti-social behaviour by The Blue are identified as strategic priorities in Southwark's most recent policing plan, which suggests that they have identified a problem (although since they identified it I am yet to see any police patrolling, only ever in emergency response situations).
Sunday 5 August 2012 2.44pm
Yup, they live off the Blue themselves. Never had any problems. They also have young kids (as do I) and have not had issues there either. Maybe you have a target on your shirt!? ;-)

South east of the blue gets you close to the Den where its been an area of clean-up for quite some time. The old estate there has now completely gone but there's still work to be done. However, wonder class this area as the blue.

As an aside, I've heard of far more crime from friends closer towards bermondsey street, with mobile thefts etc being very prominent. Though this is a common trend throughout London.

I reiterate the first point for the OP, best way to start is to try an area out. As with any place, you'll get different opinions but only you can judge.

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