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Monday 16 October 2006 10.52am
I was really disappointed to see the new place next to Als Cafe not open up as a Deli, or something equally useful that would contribute to the vibrancy of Bermondsey Street.

Instead we have yet another 'property' business, this time specialising in property investment abroad & more specifically in Morocco !!!
Monday 16 October 2006 12.16pm
I entirely agree. Due to the vibrancy of Bermondsey St., domestic estate agents are something of a necessary evil. As a resident of the area for the past 5 years, I admit to previous use of their services for renting and buying.

However, a fifth estate agent on the street (focussing solely on the overseas market) is excessive. Personally, I have no current interest in overseas property. I can now bearly afford to buy a slightly bigger flat within the immediate area, let along overseas (and you can't catch the RV1 abroad, unless you're talking about outside SE1!).
Monday 16 October 2006 12.54pm
However, if (and it's a big if) this operation brings people to Bermondsey St. who otherwise wouldn't have visited, then it is a good thing. Delis and other such shops, which I agree we are in need of, will not survive unless there is adequate footfall along the length of the street.

Tuesday 17 October 2006 8.56am
If anyone wants to know more about this new venture:

Tuesday 17 October 2006 2.26pm
Hi All

I am the Director of Homes & Property Overseas at 132 Bermondsey Street.
Many thanks for your comments.

Bermondsey St is now a vibrant street which is exactly why we have created a unique designer showroom to bring people into the area. Our decision to focus entirely on Morocco has been made through careful due diligence and in comparison with all other emerging overseas markets.

Peverest - I understand your comments about not being able to afford to buy a bigger flat in the immediate area. This is precisely why investors are now looking to put their money into property abroad. We have beachfront developments in Morocco with 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartments starting from 44,000.

A lot of people have the preconception that buying overseas is expensive and a second home is only for the 'rich'. This is not the case, especially considering payment on most developments is 40% down and 60% on completion, with Moroccan mortgages already available.

Capital growth rates in Morocco are currently between 15-30%. These are off plan properties with completion dates of 2008, so by the time the properties are built you have realised considerable capital growth. Alternatively, you can choose to sell before completion. You won't get that from a Tuna Sandwich - even one from Bermondsey St!!

We will be having drinks at our official launch evening tomorrow, Weds 18th Oct from 5pm - 9pm. Please come along and meet us and have a proper look at the new addition to Bermondsey St.

Kind regards
Cynthia Judge
Tuesday 17 October 2006 3.50pm
"These are off plan properties with completion dates of 2008, so by the time the properties are built you have realised considerable capital growth."

Shouldn't the word 'could' or 'may' be inserted after 'you' ? Surely even in sunny Morocco markets can go down as well as up..?
Tuesday 17 October 2006 4.31pm
bod42zx wrote:
surely even in sunny Morocco markets can go down as well as up..?

it all depends on the direction of the wind.
Anonymous User
Wednesday 18 October 2006 8.35am
Does one not have to be 'rich' to be able to spare 44,000 then?
Wednesday 18 October 2006 9.45am
I would have been really disappointed to see another Deli, we are overrun with overpriced food emporiums selling god knows what at silly GBP, there are a lot less estate agents than Deli's and their offices don't attract rats and they never leave bags of rubbish outside and rarely employ illegal immigrants thus fuelling a "vibrant" black market economy in London would you have been happier with a good old fashioned fish and chip shop with an arcade machine in for the hoodies or do you just want another place to buy baba gounash and olives from, mmm
Wednesday 18 October 2006 12.22pm
you seem like rather an angry person prescott.
So what if someone wants to spend their money on baba whatever and olives??? So what if someone else wants to spend it on cutprice beans and special brew. People should be able to spend their hard earned cash on whatever they like without being sneered at.
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