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Thursday 8 March 2007 10.39pm
I do have another - the obvious, I suppose - second question.

Does anybody please have experience with the valuations produced by Stirling Ackroyd, Cluttons, Felicity J Lloyd, Field & Sons, Kalmars, Cobb.

Between them they have come up with a range of values that is huge and I am struggling to understand this range. So... view, please?
Thursday 8 March 2007 11.01pm
There have been a number of similar threads in the past.

My view. Field OK. Avoid Cobb. Depends where you are buying but it may be worth trying Winkworths in Kennington. But I suspect there are any number of opinions on local agents.
Thursday 8 March 2007 11.32pm
Anyone know anything about Urban Moves?
Friday 9 March 2007 12.28pm
I know everyone's experience is different but I've recently had wildly different valuations on my flat and the agents attitudes were the same! The guy from Daniel Cobb was enthusiastic, supportive and made some helpful suggestions about getting the best price while the one from Leonard Leese was the opposite and I'd never trust him to sell the place for me at the maximum. I guess it's a matter of suck it and see then take an average.
Friday 9 March 2007 7.58pm
I had my flat valued by about ten estate agents a few weeks ago (I'm a researcher, so wanted to get a wide range of opinions!) I then had it valued by a surveyor as I was remortgaging.

The following agents valued it more or less the same as the surveyor:

Felicity Lord (valued at X-10k to X, where X is the value the surveyor gave)
Acorn as above
Field and Sons as above. Recommended putting it on the market at X = 5k
Williams Lynch

These ones valued it far higher than the surveyor (and I thought at the time they were far too high):

Stirling Ackroyd
Wooster and Stock

I did have more, but can't find the details now.
Friday 9 March 2007 8.35pm
Wouldn't touch Urban Moves with a barge pole, smarmy, false and rude.
Monday 12 March 2007 10.28am
Please, please don't touch Foxtons with a barge pole either.

Had the most horrendous experience with them that it has scarred me for life. I can't go into detail as it went to court but there were 2 TV companies that wanted to do a story on it.

The most disgusting bunch of liars and theives ever!!
Monday 19 March 2007 5.18pm
Sorry not to respond earlier. Thanks for your posts. As information is market sensitive, suffice it to say that the top valuation was 65% more than the bottom one.

The chap from Cobb was enthusiastic etc. etc., but unless the other agents were wrong he undervalued it by a LOT!
Tuesday 20 March 2007 9.31am
Urban Moves valued my property unrealistically high, never returned phone calls and didn't seem to offer any customer service.

Wooster and Stock were the scummiest and most unethical people I have ever dealt with, they completely screwed up a purchase I was making and I nearly ended up taking them to court. Do not use them at any cost.

Foxtons have the worst reputation as has been shown on TV programmes such as Watch Dog.

I have had good experiences with Acorn on Bermondsey Street, who sold my flat quickly and at what I considered to me the correct value and Winkworth at Surrey Quays who I bought through without any problems.
Tuesday 20 March 2007 10.11am

Is a fabulous sense check as it has the Land Registry Transaction Price for all property in England. You simply enter your postcode and it will tell you what property has sold in your street, what date and what price it actually transacted at [rather than the asking price]. Only slight nuisance is it takes 6 months for transactions to hit the screen but that is not too much of a stretch to extrapolate. Also it does not tell you how many bed the property is but if you know your area you can figure it out - if not Google the address as you may well find separate details on the property to match with the transaction price.

James at Cluttons is my recommendation.
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