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Wednesday 15 August 2007 3.02pm
Has anyone else had problems with trying to get things in your property fixed by this company?

There have been 3 things go wrong with my property over the last 3 / 4 years, but getting Oliver Jacques to actually do anything about it promptly is impossible, the first thing that needed fixing took approximately 4 weeks for them to even get someone to look at it, the next 3 weeks and now I'm a week and half and counting with something that we shouldn't have to live without.

Each time I call them I get fobbed off with excuses by rude staff who have so far managed to call me back once with regard to all 3 problems, despite promising to call me on at least 15 occasions. Each time I've tried escalating the matter to their manager, the manager is either on holiday / out of the office for a week / sick etc.

Can anyone suggest a route of action to prompt them to do what they're supposed to do?
Wednesday 15 August 2007 3.07pm
More to the point... does anybody have a management company that isn't a load of rubbish?

From your description you could have been talking about White Druce and Brown, who manage my block. And as for what people on this forum have been saying about Peveril...
Wednesday 15 August 2007 6.52pm
Don't even get me started on White Druce and Brown, my bike was stolen from the car park in City Walk and the police asked me to try and get CCTV coverage. A simple task one would think but not for WD&B who managed the triple whammy of being incompetent, unhelpful and rude. Result, so CCTV footage. Grr!
Wednesday 15 August 2007 10.37pm
Sounds like peverel under another name!
Thursday 16 August 2007 7.08am
Management companies are there to take your money. Nothing else. Management is about tenth on their list of priorities. As for sorting out your problems, creating conveniencies or improving things that THEY pay for, not you,...forget it. It is probably a business only superceded by Estate Agents in the art of fleecing you for b*gger all service.
Thursday 16 August 2007 8.22am
I actually rent a place from them, I'm sure the landlord would be seething if he knew that they pretty much take money off of him every month and do absolutely nothing in return
Thursday 16 August 2007 11.03am
My development has been managed for a year by Stonedale. They are competent, eager to help and improve things, and service charges haven't increased too much (yet!). The account officer in charge of the development at Stonedale is always available, very professional, and actions any query very quickly. The turnaround in the management of the block has been dramatic compared to what it used to be under the utter crooks before.
No connection other than being a very satisfied customer.
Thursday 16 August 2007 11.18am
Oh, dear - I saw the dreaded words WDB [pardon the abbreviation, I can't bring myself to write them in full]. We're still waiting for a Fire Exit sign to be replaced - 3 months down the line. Huge task, that. Must require several meetings and at least 64 site visits......... I must have a lay-down now......
Thursday 16 August 2007 11.33am
That's interesting, jeje. I've heard that our housing association (my block being shared ownership) is considering sacking WDB after multiple complaints from us and residents of other developments. Nice to hear that a decent one seems to exist (of course in matters like this, one rarely hears about the decent ones, as presumably a good management company succeeds makes you forget they're there).

Philpotts: we had a water leak in our bin store in February which damaged the flooring in our entrance lobby, stairwell and bike shed. Three months later after much chasing, they came and ripped the flooring up. Three months after THAT (which is where we are now) the flooring is still ripped up. And if they're going to take a month to replace a dead lightbulb, we really don't see why they can't just leave us a box of spares so we can do them ourselves!
Thursday 16 August 2007 11.35am
Pardon my typing. "as presumably a good management company succeeds makes you forget they're there" should have read "as presumably a good management company succeeds in making you forget they're there".
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