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Saturday 13 December 2003 12.20am
I am living in se1 and rent through Smarter properties who are based in tooley street. I am very concerned about their code of practise and urge anyone who is also letting through them to get in touch. I believe there is something very amiss about them...I hope i am wrong.
Saturday 13 December 2003 11.36pm

I have not rented through Smarter Properties but I have visited them about 4 times in the recent past for viewings. Each and every time I have visited there has been a complete new body of staff.

The final straw was when I made an appointment about 4 pm one Friday night for the following Saturday morning at 11. When we got there they had no record of my appointment and the gentleman there told me that the member of staff I made the appointment with had been sacked. This was less than 24 hours later!

Also, they never seem to change the pictures of properties in the window. There is one property (a one bed, grange road i think 250pw) that has been displayed for at least 8 months now.

I think the extremely high staff turn over should send out enough warning signs to most people and I wouldn`t touch them with a barge pole now!

Sunday 14 December 2003 9.17pm
Thanks Jo,
I know what you mean about the high turnover of staff. I have also been dealing with two seperate members of staff and was informed the very next day that they have also been sacked.
Luckily I have found somewhere else to live but there is obviously something very wrong with this firm and would encourage anyone else reading this to stay well clear.
Tuesday 13 April 2004 9.27pm
this isn't meant to be a rant about Estate Agents, it's a genuine message from a landlord who has had horrendous problems with Smarter Properties in Tooley Street. In short, they owe me 3K in rent from over 18 months ago - they had it from the tenant but never passed it on to me. I have taken them through the small claims court system and even had the bailiffs round, without success. My tenant also had terrible difficulty getting his deposit back - in fact I'm not sure he ever did - and he was unable to get them to sort out anything whilst he was in the flat.

Whilst they admit they owe me the money they refuse to pay. Southwark bailiffs have now advised that there are many people ahead of me (landlords and tenants) to whom Smarter Properties owe money, that they have visited Tooley Street many times but that there is insufficient equipment in the offices for them to compensate us all, so I've got no chance and will have to try another route. Solicitors will probably cost me about 3K, fantastic isn't it.

Meanwhile they carry on advertising and trading and it's making me seeth. SP's holding company is based in Gibraltar (?) and it has proved impossible to find out much about them so far other than that they are a financial investment company as well..?

The staff in Tooley Street are sitting ducks for disgruntled punters like me and they have no power to do anything. Meanwhile the 'lovely' Mark Anthony Jonson who runs the place from Gibraltar is... well... I shouldn't use bad language on my first posting here, so let's just leave it that he's not a nice person and is very good at changing his mobile telephone number.

Anyway I am determined that noone else is going to get ripped off as I have been. Steer well clear of these people, they are crooks indeed as Ali suggested, and it's companies like these who give estate agents a bad name. If you know anyone who has had a similar experience to me (judging by the bailiffs comments there should be many) then I'd love to hear from them as, if I can't get my money back through the courts, I am determined to at least expose them for the *******s that they are in as loud and public a way as possible.

I have contacted Watchdog already, but they need more people who are prepared to share their experiences... and the bailiffs of course can't reveal who is in the queue ahead of me.

Sounds like a rant now I read it back, sorry about that.

Best wishes to all, I really was a nice person once.

Mary (smartercrooks[at]
"vengeance will be ours"

Wednesday 14 April 2004 3.36pm
Where are these people based ?

If you really feel that they should be "punished" [and boy ! do I agree with you !] then do something positive !!!!!

Paper the whole front window !
Stand outside and tell prospective punters what this scum are really about !

ACT !!!!!!!!!!!!
Wednesday 14 April 2004 6.25pm

These crooks are based in Tooley Street, come across Tower Bridge, turn left and there they are.

And with regard to your comments about 'act'... fear not, we have a plan.

Monday 19 April 2004 7.34pm
me again. Just to advise that Smart Properties have gone under, however they seem to have a number of other companies still operating. We're in the process of finding out who to contact as part of the 'compulsory liquidation' process to see if there's any chance of getting our money.

If you or anyone you know is also owed money and would like to know more then feel free to contact me.

Best wishes,

Tuesday 20 April 2004 9.05am
Your right GOOse, my brother drove to Germany some years ago in a Mercedes Van emblazoned with a union jack and the message not to buy from mercedes as they are crap...he got his complaint dealt with double quick..i'm all for direct action - shame the buggers before they rip more people off.

mary cant you ask south london press or perhaps write a letter?
what happened to the old fashioned way of renting? a rent man on a friday night :-)

Wednesday 21 April 2004 8.14am
All sounds baaaad!

I have had experience of renting through agencies and direct from landlords - 2 of each in fact, in 4 years - and only one was a good experience. I guess I'd still be there, if she hadn't sold the house! (80 /wk all in, in West Hampstead, with 2 others I never saw!!!)

In the end, we decided you can't win. We'd had enough of broken heating, broken showers la la la, so we bought our own house instead! This I CAN recommend!

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