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Sunday 30 September 2012 3.33pm
Truly beetroot, you are wise, and I am stupid beyond all measure.

I thank you for your navigational advice.
Sunday 30 September 2012 4.04pm
Tabularasa wrote:
What is far more likely is that they are playing hardball with the Charles Dickens school staff as a payback for the way they conducted the whole planning process.
a) Playing hardball as payback is hardly professional behaviour for a councillor.
b) I still haven't seen any evidence for CD's conduct to justify such behaviour.

It's unfair on CD and its pupils if a permission that had already been granted is now being challenged by people who didn't take action at the start and only now have woken up.
Sunday 30 September 2012 4.06pm
Tabularasa wrote:
Listen godot,
The theory according to which Cllr Noakes and Morris are on some kind of mission to prevent schoolchildren from getting an education doesn't hold water. They are not Talibans.

Hmmm, I don't know, I'm pretty sure that Cllr Noakes is a bit of a Taliban sympathiser. Not Cllr Morris though, I've seen her riding a bike and I'm pretty sure the Taliban don't like that.
Sunday 30 September 2012 4.20pm
godot - you stated that "BTW I'm not of the school and I don't speak for the school. I am just someone who's staggered that so much time is being wasted on an issue that was, yep, decided in 2004."

If you are "not of the school", that would explain why you are talking such rubbish about the history of this situation! You are either being deliberately mis-informed by someone else or you are lying when you say you are "not of the school". That was quite a bizzare opening post for someone who is not directly involved to start ....

Incidentally, I was so shocked at your opening post that I did a search to see what else you had posted about on this forum and discovered this: "Cllr David Noakes - with his usual commendable efficacy - is leading the charge to force Southwark Council to take enforcement action against King's College" So he was OK when he was campaigning on your behalf, to get something done on the street where you live, but now he is public enemy number one for helping someone else with their local issue? The shame is on you!
Sunday 30 September 2012 4.21pm
Zoe wrote:
I've seen her riding a bike and I'm pretty sure the Taliban don't like that.
Are you sure?

I'll get me coat.
Sunday 30 September 2012 4.35pm
I personally don't understand why some people have a problem with the closure of Lant street. I used it daily to walk to the bus stop, but it only takes me 30 seconds longer using another way. It seems to me that it makes sense to give the children more space to learn and play. I trust we have a system in place that will allow the different parties concerned to voice their opinion in order to understand what the best option for the majority of people living around the school would be.
Saturday 29 September 2012 11.37pm
In response to :

"Shame on Cathedral Ward Liberals", an interesting title for a long running
community issue with a great deal of history.

I've been following the development of this community project, (which has the potential to enhance the quality of life for all concerned if done properly) for a number of years.

Communicating with local residents, councillors, parents (and kids), also attending a couple of meetings with the school's Head and Board of Governors (BoG) (in addition to someone who worked within the highways department), I have a good rounded overview of both sides of this source of conflict.

It is apparent that there is a great deal of frustration on this issue within the local community, parents, the head teacher, board of governors and this author, Godot.

To summarise the needs of the local community and Charles Dickens school:

The school
Wishes to have the maximum amount of development space to provide outdoor exercise in the newly acquired plot which was once 'Lant Street' (As the current play space on school grounds is prominently taken up with a large wooden exercise structure for the children).

The local community,
Residents (including lesser able-bodied, elderly and persons with mobility issues, parents and local businesses), wish to have access via a pathway around the boarder of the school grounds, without dissecting the main body of the school ground to maximise proposed outdoor playing area.

The local councillors, residents the local Tenants and Residents Association(s) have attempted to work with the school's management team (Head teacher and BoD's), to arrive at solutions to satisfy the needs of all concerned, however the Community School, Charles Dickens literally hasn't deviated from it stand point that it intends to keep every inch of space for its use.

It must be a couple of years now, that the MP Simon Hughes met with the school and local residents in a special meeting on the schools grounds, to assist in the mediation efforts between both parties.

At this meeting the most beneficial solution, and one which is generally met with a warm reception from both the community and some parents as being 'the best workable solution', is one of a pathway around the perimeter of the schools grounds. To safely allow passage around the school, yet keeping a maximum amount of undivided outdoor space for children to use as exercise and outdoor space.

The "Golden gates" design currently to be a continued theme around the grounds, which would be both secure and "in keeping with the existing environment". This commissioned design, allowing light through the pathway / playground and would not cause visibility issues at night for pedestrians. Not a private car park ...

The school severed all discussions with the community at the end of this meeting.

Saint Joseph's Primary School, ( , Little Dorrit court / Red Cross way) Which is a few hundred meters from Charles Dickens 'community' School has a walkway around their playground, and when asked, this is without incident to children playing in the outdoor space.

Why the Charles Dickens management team deem a pathway solution "Too costly" and a "Child security risk" is purely, self serving to disallow access by the local community, grain maximum space to also incorporate vehicle access (coincidently currently used as parking on occasion).

Whilst the school has kindly provided a sample letter to parents of children attending Charles Dickens school, with which to send into the council to support the current planning permission application .... It seems unfair of me to raise an important safety concern to the parents and the local community:


By accepting the current planning application which DISSALLOWS a walkway around boarder of the schools grounds, Parents, children, residents, people with mobility issues are FORCED to choose between the A3201 (Marshalsea Road) or Great Suffork Street to gain access to the front of the school or Lant estate.

For the last few years whilst Lant Street has been closed, I have seen COUNTLESS trips, slips and falls into the main roads, when the frost, snow and ultimately icy conditions forces many people to walk into the main roads when then pavements become treacherous.

This safety concern of traversing main roads in wintry weather is of great concern even on agile legs.

Why would a pathway around the edge of Charles Dickens School grounds make a difference?

The local Estate cleaners of Lant Estate would be able to maintain, grit and provide a safe walkway.

The current planning application not only affects current children attending the school, but future children too. Are parents honestly happy walking next to these main roads, quite poignant as we're heading to the Winter Solstice


It is interesting to note, that a number of years ago, when the initial “blue hoarding” sprang up overnight, I discussed the matter with an acquaintance who worked in the Highways and Byways department …

'If I was a resident in this area, I would ask, why a further, more in-depth investigation, of the impact to the local community didn't take place at that particular point of consultation (which is standard practice in such applications).

Was the outcome to close Lant Street a foregone conclusion in order to meet the ever swelling population of inner city schools, in this case the local 'community' Charles Dickens School.

Let us not forget that there are children who are not able to play with their friends who live on either side of the school gates on Lant Streets. No parent would allow their kid to walk next main roads without supervision.

With a great deal of funding for Community projects available, funding of a pathway shouldn't be a problem, however, should the school choose not to re-engage with the local community, sadly they will be financially on their own, local funding for projects require community engagement, which has been lacking from Charles Dickens School from quite some time.

It begs the question, what would the great Charles Dickens think of the school battling against the local community?

Would he exclaim “Bah Humbug!” on a wintry evening, at the Scrooge who's denying a safe passage around the school …. Take care in future the wintry nights folks, as “Tiny Tim” may not be the only person on Crutches should we not have a safe boarder around the schools grounds!

The Schools Motto “We Have Great Expectations”, but is this to the detriment to the local community?
Monday 1 October 2012 11.28am
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Monday 1 October 2012 11.56am
eDWaRD WooDWaRD wrote:
Zoe wrote:
I've seen her riding a bike and I'm pretty sure the Taliban don't like that.
Are you sure?

I'll get me coat.

how do you know he's taliban? if you were cycling in that region you'd want a gun too.
Monday 1 October 2012 1.04pm
pixie wrote:
eDWaRD WooDWaRD wrote:
Zoe wrote:
I've seen her riding a bike and I'm pretty sure the Taliban don't like that.
Are you sure?

I'll get me coat.

how do you know he's taliban? if you were cycling in that region you'd want a gun too.
He showed me his ACC card... But seriously, I don't know whether he is Taliban or not. It was a joke.
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