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Noise problem from mental neighbour?

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Monday 16 February 2009 11.13pm
I called out the Noise Team at 8.30am on a sunday morning as a company was dismantling railings with power tools.

Person on the phone was polite and helpful, a car with noise team member was around within 15mins, they spoke to the company, the company left, peace was restored and I received a feedback form with a pre-paid envelope within about 2 weeks.

I know it could be a very different story if it was a party at 3am on a Saturday night but i have to say i was stunned by how simple and quick it all was. Was back snoozing by 9.15. couldn't believe it.
Tuesday 17 February 2009 12.42am
OK, now I'm feeling why is it just us?

Round here there have been problems for years with loud music from the same house all the time and my neighbours and I have complained a number of times. My neighbours, who were very polite and trying to study for exams, were insulted by a rather threatening young man from the Noise Team and pretty much made to feel they were in the wrong for complaining. This same young man was pretty abusive to me too and sat in my living room and with the windows shut he had to raise his voice over the sound of the music from the other house to tell me he couldn't go round there and stop them because then Southwark might have to take them to court and they didn't want the bother and so my only option was a private prosecution. He was big, scary and rude to me which was out of proportion as I am a small middle aged woman and was polite with him.

They have also told me in the past over the phone to turn the TV on loud. They have told me it's not a statutory nuisance if my TV turned up loud drowns it out and I have no right to actual quiet in my own home which I know is complete rubbish and so did the head of the Noise Team when I phoned him up to complain about this and he said that was totally wrong and denied any of his team would say such a thing. A few months later I got the same "put your TV on loud stuff" from the above mentioned rude young man. There is, as yet, no law that says you have to have the TV on.

I have heard that the Noise Team has been re-organised since then so maybe things have improved. It still doesn't explain why they won't help the OP though.

And I would move away but I can't afford to.

Shortly after I first moved in I was woken at 8am on a Sunday by my (happily long moved out) next door neighbour's builders hammering out a hole in the shared chimney breast on my party wall to put an open fireplace in. This was the third Sunday in a row they had the builders in to work on their house but the first time I ever called the council.

When the Noise Team eventually turned up, the woman spoke to the builders, as the owners had gone down the pub to get away from the noise, and then came back and said she couldn't do anything because it was DIY and she had to be lenient with DIY. I asked her in what way was hiring two builders and going down the pub DIY? and she just walked away without answering.

This new modification to the party wall also meant I could hear everything my neighbours said and their TV and music. In the end I had to put sound proofing in my side to try and compensate which cost me a lot of money and made my flat much smaller.

If ever I do get the money I'm buying a house in a field with no neighbours for ten miles.
Tuesday 17 February 2009 12.45am
graham wrote:
Davies, the marks on the ceiling would be concave, if they were convex they would be bumps.

Yes, thank you. I'll bet you're a lawyer!
Sadly I can't edit the post now but consider me duly embarrassed.
Saturday 21 February 2009 1.42pm
Problem with turning on your TV or hifi loudly to drown out noisy neighbours is you end up disturbing other neighbours, obviously depending on layout of your accommodation in relation to neighbours.

I have just spent 120 on custom-made earplugs so I can sleep through neighbour noises. Tried them out for the first time last night & definitely more comfortable (though still don't like the feeling of something in my ears), didn't fall out etc. and I slept through all the furniture moving/drawer slamming the neighbours love to do for extended periods each morning. But then I didn't hear my alarm!
Saturday 21 February 2009 2.02pm
Davies I too have found the noise team pretty good and prompt (although not 15 mins as above). And they have sorted out builders early in the morning. But if you are having trouble with them on a regular basis - try your councillor and also the police (if it is way late at night).
Saturday 21 February 2009 2.15pm
I think the noise team has got better, in the last couple of years they really seem to react well to things, but as with all things, it still depends on getting a good member of staff, and some won't be very good at their jobs unfortunately. Generally though, they are worth calling, and they do try to sort things out (in my experiance)
Monday 23 February 2009 1.13pm
The noise team worked for me too last year, in that they came out in the middle of the night within 40mins of calling, were witness to the noise I was complaining about and sent me a letter shortly after, which I could use to persuade the landlord to act.
Tuesday 24 February 2009 7.48am
this is boring BUT, keep a detailed diary, call out the noise team where appropriate.
two, write a letter at say three months detailing your concerns to the resident.
after six months and no change, go to the tower bridge magistrates court with your records and apply for an order - you'll find the staff helpful in filling out the claim and you go before a magistrate in chambers to get the order. if broken, it then becomes a matter for the police.
the timeline is suggested so your complaint is not felt to be silly. you MUST have documented the events, if the problem is very bad, the noise team can take action as well and you can move earlier.
the system does work, be reasonable, methodical and persistent.
Thursday 29 September 2016 8.54pm
We had a lot of trouble from a mental health neighbour below, I mean he has been abusive towards us in street, and other stuff has happened. He has climbed up a ladder looked through our window. Shouted at us in the garden. Started trouble with other residents. If anyone dont go along with him he will turn on you. He imagines things and calls police a lot. Because the guy opposite told police he didnt see anyone hanging about at this guys door the guy then turned on him and was abusive to his sister. His parents do nothing either about him they live round corner. His eyes are everywhere, he hides behind door and leaves it open to watch everyone going in or out. We had our windows broken and car damaged to. But the council and anti social people did nothing. They said we would have to move before he does, as they already moved him 3x previous. When mental health is involved they dont want to know or get involved, this man has even pressed our buzzer several times late at night because he was in a bad mood, he was caught on cctv doing it, the police said he was having a bad night, I was fuming, they just brushed what he did away. I was scared as thought someone was trying to break in and my husband works nights. Police could not have cared less. They dont want to address it. The council dont want to know either. Luckily now we ignore him and its stopped. He has tried since to talk to me but I am not having any of it...
Thursday 29 September 2016 9.05pm
Jan the old one wrote:
Is it local authority/housing association who placed him there, would it be worthwhile if thats the case in informing the relevant department who could approach the team that is supposed to be keeping an eye on him? How long has he lived there for and was he making this noise from the beginning?
It's very sad that vulnerable people like he seems to be are placed in accommodation where he can't be monitored and helped.
I agree with you Jan, these people are not placed in places where they can be monitored and helped so they are sent out there alone to get on with it. I guess they dont have the resources anymore. the couple next door have mental health issues but they are no trouble, but she did get pregnant and have a baby in the flat though in dirty situation and also they dont wash either so the hallway smells bad at times. As ambulance staff had to break in to get to the baby and was told its not clean in their flat because they cant look after themselves. Social services placed them there and went. They had nothing in the flat a neighbour said for years, even got cut off electric as well and sat in the dark. They got a dirty old bed from the bins and took that to their flat to sleep in. Social services have started to bother again now to look in on them...the baby was taken away.
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