Council block lift refurbishment

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Wednesday 4 November 2009 12.53am
I live in a council block at the Elephant where we had the lifts refurbished a few months ago.
Unfortunately, the floor finish is not great as it looks dirty and worn at all the times - one would never think these are brand new lifts!
I believe Southwark Council is in the process of or has already refurbished a number of other council blocks in the borough - I would imagine all to the same specification.
I'm just wondering if anyone else has / had the same problem and if there was a known solution to the problem?

Wednesday 4 November 2009 9.48am
we had a new lift installed in December last year. To be honest, the old one was fine. The new one is noisy, frequently fails and is generally very dirty. We have what seems to be a blue-ish floor and, yes, it does get very dirty with ingrained dirt. I suspect, however, that this is due to the haphazard cleaning it receives.
Sunday 15 November 2009 10.41am
Hi there - my first posting on this site, on such a mundane issue, but there you go....
I live in a block where the lift has been recently replaced. The supplier was Amalgamated Lifts and we have had serious trouble with it ever since it was brought into service.
My Tenants/Residents Association held a meeting with Southwark and the Managing Director of Amalgamated Lifts and the end result was an undertaking that AL would now visit the site 4 times each Saturday and Sunday to ensure that the lift was brought back into service. Since then the operation of the lift has improved exponentially, but eventually, this level of service will be scaled back.
I'd be only too happy to share further information with you and would be interested in knowing if Amalgamanted Lifts are the suppliers for your block. The car design is inappropriate for Local Authority housing where the cleaning regime leaves alot to be desired. I have made this point to Southwark, but it fell on deaf ears.
Sunday 15 November 2009 11.32am
hi, do you mean the floor inside the lift or the floor on the landings?

I use to live in a block of flats, the landing was refurbished about 4 years ago with new flooring, its disgusting, even after you wash it, the floor still looks horrible and worst is when people leave bins outside their doors, the stain from the bags become permanent.

Southwark council are getting cheap contractors to do the job.. or the contractors are using cheap material to complete the works.

What to do?
Sunday 15 November 2009 11.55am
I think training the cleaners to wash the lift floor (and other areas) as opposed to just wetting it would solve the problem. Our lift has a mirror that is obviously not glass, for safety reasons, and it appears to have been cleaned with a brillo pad as it's totally scratched. I assume the mirrror was originally intended to make the lift seem bigger as it only holds three people.
Sunday 15 November 2009 12.47pm
Our lift has the same problem - the floor got really black and dirty quickly after refurbishment.

It's slightly off topic but has anyone solved the common question of council block lifts and that is why do people urinate in them? This happens here and all times of day and night. As we are right by a park and thus an easy place to pee, I wonder why people still use the lift. The mystery is also that after using the lift hundreds of times I have never caught anyone doing it, only getting in the lift and trying to avoid a big puddle!!

After several years here now, I am still no nearer to understanding this regular and annoying practice!
Monday 16 November 2009 4.28pm
I was in Symington House over the weekend and the lift was downright scary. There was water dripping through the light fitting at the top and it didn't feel at all safe. Apparently, residents have complained over and over again but no improvements.
Tuesday 15 December 2009 9.42pm

I only found this theread through a google link but if that lift is still like it is, please ring your local council and ask for the health and safety officer to make an urgent visit, and also ring the lift company and explain t, this sounds to me as though the water could end up affecting the lift's electrics which doesn't make it safe and I would highly recommend getting it sorted.

Also, in regards to lift company, I do agree the company you've mentioned isn't good in my own opinon for relaibolity from what I've seen and they don't seem to be good at meeting disability specification requirements either.

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