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Wednesday 19 May 2004 12.13pm
henry, do you read The Observer? There was a very illuminating interview in last Sunday's edition:,11375,1217913,00.html

Ignorance is bliss
Wednesday 19 May 2004 1.25pm
'THE BRITISH National Party's candidate for London Mayor, Julian Leppert, was denied a place on the panel at an open meeting for the mayoral candidates at the Bromley Civic Centre on 2nd April. He was the only candidate barred from the debate, after a threat by other candidates to walk out if the BNP representative was allowed to address the audience.
The effective gagging of a candidate by using such blackmail angered many in the audience and attracted the attention of the media present.'

Not very clever. (sorry I'm a month behind!)
Wednesday 19 May 2004 1.36pm
I have to agree. I don't believe you can ban thinking, but you may be able to change minds. By denying them a platform, you also deny people the right to engage with them and challenge their views.

Ignorance is bliss
Wednesday 19 May 2004 1.40pm
poor girl, all those lies she was told by her parents.

that's like my mother telling me that when the ice cream van rang his bell it meant that he'd run out of ice cream!
Wednesday 19 May 2004 2.39pm
and the BNP have now got extra publicity....
Wednesday 19 May 2004 2.59pm
True, they have publicity, but do you think this article shows them in a positive light? By denying them a voice, you re-inforce their convictions.

Ignorance is bliss
Wednesday 19 May 2004 8.11pm
As always there are two sides to every story, here is an extract from a BNP article from their website regarding the interview.

The piece in today's Observer by Amelia Hill illustrates just how low the level of political journalism has descended. The article is an attempt to undermine the credibility of the BNP as a real alternative to the failed Old Gang parties. It surmises that because a 17 year old girl, in this case a very special 17 year old, in the form of Jennifer Griffin, is unable to answer all Amelia's probing about the facts and figures of immigration, then the whole political platform of the BNP is thrown into question. Using such an illogical approach simply suggests that the Old Order is running out of tricks. The proponents of multi-culturalism cannot or dare not openly debate with our senior representatives in a mature and rational manner, so they use the newspapers to find an Achille's heel. Interviewing any 17 year old, even one with the well honed confidence and widespread political understanding that the BNP Chairman's daughter possesses, is bound to reveal a gap in knowledge or a discover a misunderstanding.
Wednesday 19 May 2004 8.41pm
Yes, how can they stoop so low as to ask her some questions? You see henry, you'll have to get used to people asking questions if you want to persuade them that the BNP are worth voting for. If you ban the BNP it's not fair because we're denying them a voice, and if we allow them a platform, it's not fair because we ask awkward questions. I have no affinity or connection with any political party, I simply ask you the same as I'd ask any party: why should I vote for these people?

Ignorance is bliss
Thursday 20 May 2004 12.27am
I appreciate what you are saying, but she was only 17 after all, and is not even of the age that she is able to vote herself.
Obviously people change and I am sure she will become more articulate as she gets older.
I had not read the Observer article until you brought my attention to it, but reading it, I felt the questioning was deliberately set out to discredit her.

I think in the run up to June 10, there will be a lot of this type of propaganda put out to discredit the BNP. I have heard that one of the TV channels are making a report about the BNP which is due to be released (surprise, surprise) just before the elections, so that it will have maximum impact in dissuading voters who may be considering voting for the party.

It is interesting that all 3 main parties are ganging together to think up ways to dissuade people from voting for the BNP, so they are obviously concerned that a lot of people are considering voting for them.

They realise that they have lost a lot of credibility amongst the silent majority who feel that their wishes are being side stepped by zealously applied political correctness, to the extent that the majority are having to pander to the wishes and cultures of the minority.
Where being a native of this country, means you are treated like a second class citizen, because the minorities are given all the resources and the backing.
Where everyone is frightened of being branded a racist if you dare question why someone who has not contributed to our system and paid taxes is entitled to more benefits than someone who has paid contributions all their working lives.
Yes, the 3 main parties know that people are starting to think there may be an alternative and are getting worried, so they are joining forces to think up ways to smear and discredit the BNP.
I only hope people see the lies and smears for what they are, however the main parties control the media, so I must admit that the BNP will be on a hiding from the press.
Well, we can only wait and see what happens.

PS Apparently there will be a party political broadcast on Channel 4 tonight (Thursday 20.05.04) at 9 PM, on behalf of the BNP, so lets watch it then we can have a discussion later.

PPS. Did you see that awful party political broadcast by the Green Party Wednesday evening where they rapped their way through the whole broadcast. I wonder how many votes that lost them.

Post edited (20 May 04 00:36)
Thursday 20 May 2004 6.48am
This girl has been leafleting on behalf of her Father's party since the age of 11, she is also starring in a forthcoming party political video, and:
"As she grew older, Jennifer became more active: she founded and runs the Young BNP Supporter's Group for children aged 14 to 16"
If she's the naive 17 year old you say she is, isn't it shameful the way her Father has exploited her? "Surprise, surprise" a report on the BNP is to be broadcast ahead of the elections, what's the surprise? You'll be doing party political broadcasts won't you? Haven't you noticed that when a mainstream party makes a policy statement, the media, and the other parties ask them awkward questions? If you want me to vote for you, you're going to have to get used to me asking questions, or aren't questions tolerated in the BNP?
Who are the "silent majority"? The majority of what? And how do you know what they feel, did you ask them? When? Can I see the results of this survey? I'm a native of this country, yet I've never felt that I've been treated as a second class citizen as a result of minorities being given an advantage over me, I have often felt aggrieved at the social inequity that I see in Britain, but that's got nothing to with minorities. What would the BNP do to redress the balance, create more inequity?
I am deeply suspicious of anybody who claims they can provide all the answers, or those who deal in certainties, as in my experience there are very few. I know very little about an awful lot, and I'm happy to admit that, but I know that I'll learn nothing, if I refuse to accept people challenging my ideas and notions, that's why I'm interested in what you have to say.
I would still like to know what voting for Julian Leppart would do for me.

Ignorance is bliss
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