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Thursday 20 May 2004 7.10am
As you only open your mouth to change feet Henry, you should be allowed as much access to the media as you want.
Thursday 20 May 2004 10.32am
Doubt the Green party could do anything to lose themselves votes. But if 'apparently there's a broadcast tonight' apparently? 'by the BNP' it will enable people to reach their own conclusions about the BNP. I hope you're giving us a good one, Henri!
Thursday 20 May 2004 10.52am
I note that barkyhead's question still goes unanswered... I am in complete agreement with Maurits and Lang Rabbie - the website does not deserve the click of my mouse. The BNP is what it has always been - an organised bunch of bigots with a sickening agenda disguised as a legitimate attempt to persuade the public that it has a genuine political stance that will actually benefit one and all.... (take a breath)

Bunch of a*se.
Thursday 20 May 2004 2.04pm
My point was that the program that is to be shown on TV in the run up to the elections was that this is being released by the media solely in order to discredit the BNP and to serve no other purpose. We will not be seeing any fly on the wall documentary's aimed at discrediting any other parties such as the Green or Independence parties.

Of course the BNP are prepared to face questions, and I know that Nick Griffin would welcome the opportunity to be invited to appear on the panel of Question Time and be able to voice his corner in front of a studio audience.

The silent majority are people like myself who feel that we are the victims of positive discrimination and feel that we have no real voice anymore. If you have never felt that you have been treated as a second class citizen as a result of minorities being given an advantage over you then all I can say is I think you are lucky.

I read the Daily Mail/ Mail on Sunday and occasionally The Sun and from reading the articles and the letters pages know there are many people like myself who feel discriminated against. A recent local issue that caused a lot of bad feeling and lots of letters to The Sun was the Tower Hamlets “ Flats for Asians” scheme, which discriminated against white pensioners.

I have never said that the BNP have all the answers, however when choosing a party to vote for at an election, you have to consider which party offers the best “ package “ that suits your own needs and beliefs and I feel the BNP are now the party that reflects mine.
I was a Tory voter much of my life but became disheartened when Michael Portillo lost the leadership battle that allowed IDS in. I was optimistic for a while but unfortunately IDS failed to deliver. I feel the Tory party and New Labour have moved closer to centre and met more or less in the middle. Neither offers any real difference between each other.
I also think that New Labour have lost a lot of credibility with the ordinary working man, who feel betrayed and let down by them, and it is these, that are now looking elsewhere.

As I said on a previous posting, the 3 main parties are definitely concerned that the BNP are going to capitalise on these disaffected voters and are joining forces to actively discredit the BNP. (See the BBC election web pages)
I know it is only my opinion but I think the BNP will make some impressive gains in the forthcoming elections, and will become the fastest growing political party in Britain.
Thursday 20 May 2004 2.16pm
I think he's right. I think that a lot of people will be wanting something different and will turn to the BNP. which is a shame, because the BNP will persuade people that they are what the country wants, and then push through lots of policies that the country doesn't need.

just like when the labout party got in.

if the BNP were in charge every britain would be white. Thousands of assylum seekers would be forced to leave our shores, thousands of people born here, but with parents or grandparents from other countries would systematicly be ejected from Britain. I don't think that's a good thing so I won't be voting BNP.
Thursday 20 May 2004 3.00pm
Although I abhor the underlying agenda of the BNP I cannot help but agree with some of what you have written above Henry - the flats for Asians scheme for example is wrong and is just as bad as a 'flats for whites only' scheme - shocking.

I also respect the fact that you feel they represent your interests -but you still haven't answered the earlier question on what they can genuinely offer Londoners as a whole community. We all know that they are strictly opposed to asylum as a principle - this serves only to dilute 'truly English people' (what is that by the way - a lot of us are probably French if you go back far enough...)

"I also think that New Labour have lost a lot of credibility with the ordinary working man, who feel betrayed and let down by them, and it is these, that are now looking elsewhere" - agreed.

I too was a Tory voter and do truly believe that Portillo would have made a stronger leader. Unfortunately I have lost faith in politicians generally after the Blair fiasco. Call them what you like but there is no strength the Tory Party and I have no confidence in Blair or his Cabinet. Lib Dem is wishy washy for me too but there is no way the BNP will EVER get my vote, even if the 'package' suits you. I do actually believe that through Govt pressure the Home Office is being too ready to accept 'asylum seekers' - I just feel sorry for the genuine people who are fleeing for their lives - their welfare has been jeopardised by those who seek an easy life of generous UK benefits and a guaranteed stay of at least 12 months while the Govt departments sort their paperwork...

I am just pleased that although I disagree with your politics you have presented the case for the BNP in a fair and balanced way that I can at least listen to. Not everyone is in the same boat.

Thursday 20 May 2004 3.04pm
Gobsmacked to see that Henry reads the Mail and the Sun and voted Tory.
Thursday 20 May 2004 3.45pm
"however the main parties control the media" This doesn't quite hold up does it henry? After all, you take solace and inspiration from the articles and letters published in The Mail and The Sun. If you believe that there has been discrimination against you, and that this is wrong, how would you redress the balance? Further discrimination? Let me tell you a little about myself. I come from a working class background. I left school at 15, with very few qualifications and joined the army, where I did the usual stints in Northern Ireland etc. After I left, I did a variety of labouring jobs, and then un-skilled work in factories. I was made redundant three times during the 80's - and, I dare say, I'll be made redundant again in the future. Sound familiar do I? Don't I sound very much like the "ordinary" man in the street? As I get older, the world gets scarier, and I'm slowly getting used to having my beliefs and ideas turned inside out constantly, in fact, I'm starting to relish it, and the day you see me looking for an easy scapegoat for my problems, you can take me out and shoot me. Do you really believe that all the ills affecting the world today are caused by immigration? And that everything will be fine once we're rid of them? Let's not kid ourselves, the BNP wouldn't stop at just halting the inflow, they want everybody sent back. Those immigrants are real people henry, with real problems, the same as you and me.

Ignorance is bliss
Thursday 20 May 2004 3.47pm
Good on you barkyhead.

Bien joué
Thursday 20 May 2004 9.33pm
So, what do you know?
Edge of the City Channel 4 at 9.00pm. Has been rescheduled at the last minute. No doubt because it would have given credence to the aspirations of the BNP.
It is to be shown at a later date, and you can be sure it will be after June 10.
It was replaced with a repeat of a program called faking it, which is ironic.
Who do you think was involved in the decision for it to be rescheduled?
I still maintain the 3 main parties are concerned of the growing support for the BNP and am absolutely sure they had a hand in getting this program rescheduled.
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