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Cyclists trying to steal mobile phones - Warning!

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Thursday 3 December 2009 4.20pm
Just a quick warning/reminder to people:

I was walking down Tower Bridge Road at around 9.45pm last night talking with a friend on my mobile phone. As I approached Bermondsey Square a hooded cyclist (I would guess he was about 16 but hard to tell) came past riding on the pavement and tried to literally grab my phone out of my hand. Fortunately I was able to hold on and put it in my pocket before a second came past and joined his friend.

I shouted a few obscenitites at them expecting them to disappear into the night. In fact, to my surprise rather than cycle off they actually stopped 20 metres down the road, got off their bikes and started shouting back and gesturing.

At that point I decided that discretion would be the better part of valour and dropped into Sainsburys to gather my composure. By the time I came out 5 minutes later they had gone.

So no harm done, and I realise that events such as these are unfortuntately very much a part of life anywhere in any big city, but worth remembering to take care with things like this when walking home in the dark (even if not that late).

I shall certainly revert to using my hands free when out and about!
Thursday 3 December 2009 5.07pm
You weren't the only one they targeted. I had just stopped to get some chips on Long Lane at about 10.15 last night when a girl came in quite distraught after having been knocked over by a man on a bike who had then stolen her mobile. She was also on the phone at the time. We called the police and they arrived within about 2 minutes. They took her off in their car to drive around and see if she recognised anyone but I don't know if they were successful. Hope she's ok now, I know it can be a big shock.
Thursday 3 December 2009 7.29pm
It's called 'Jacking' It means you have to pay attention to what's going on around you, get a hands-free, and use it. Pay attention to your surroundings, walk next to the wall, phone/bag on the wall side, there's a whole load of scum, who are prepared to take without asking! Oh yeah, and don't be an 'iPhone zombie'.
Friday 4 December 2009 9.31am
There seem to be a lot more hoodie cyclists on the pavements around TBR and Grange Road at the moment. Trouble is some of them are perfectly normal people with cold ears. How to tell a mugger apart is pretty difficult so we usually assume they all are. I found this link with some useful advice:
Friday 4 December 2009 12.04pm
OMG i see 4 boys on 2 bikes last night around tower bridge road one set got pulled over by a unmarked car and the other two made off in the flats and was heading long lane way around the same time....they were young dark skined boys glade i am safe in my car at night poor girl hope she is ok ?
Sunday 6 December 2009 10.46pm
Carry a golfing umbrella, it's basically a big stick with an umbrella wrapped round it. Don't be afraid to stick it through their spokes.

A couple of guys on bikes got pulled over by the police outside my house the other week but nothing came of it. I was at least hoping the police might finally enforce the no cycling on the pavements thing given I've been hit by cyclists riding up behind me on the pavement and my car has been damaged while parked outside my house by cyclists cycling on the pavement but not even that.

Load of noise for nothing. Kind of sums the police up these days. Sadly.
Monday 7 December 2009 5.38pm
So you want to join the stupid posh git in Kensington who thought it would be entertaining to stick his walking stick through the cycle spokes of some poor young girl cycling (legally) in Hyde Park just because he does not agree cyclists should be allowed in the park?

She sustained severe head and facial injuries and he is currently being done for GBH!

Sure, mobile phone snatches are despicable but it does not help making inflammatory ill-thought comments.
Monday 7 December 2009 11.48pm
Sorry to hear of your unfortunate incident. Nevertheless, I don't understand people who walk down the street, particulartly [but not exclusively] at night, chatting away on their phones - instead of paying attention to what is going on around them. Is it that difficult to be 'parted' from the mobile until you get home?
Tuesday 8 December 2009 9.40am
If a lady happens to walk the streets of SE1 and needs to use there mobile , IF they "happen" to have a can of hairspray close to hand and "accidently" spray there attacker in the eyes , which WILL blind them and cause them several moments of agonising pain ...well its not your fault you were "doing your hair" as that person tried to mug you or grab your phone ? it ?

(might be a bit hard to explain as a bloke why , with a shaved head you are carrying a can of hairspray for those "harry roberts vigilantes out there ..." ;)
Tuesday 8 December 2009 9.53am
It seems that the thinking has changed re walking alone at night. My daughters were always told that it's safer to hold your mobile to your ear when walking alone at night, even if you're not actually talking to anyone, as a would-be assailant would assume that you could call for help and/or give a descrition of them if attacked to the person they assume is on the other end of the phone.
Whilst on the subject of mobile phones, may I appeal to any parents of teenage girls, (sorry, young ladies, but you are the main culprits,) or directly to any who may be reading this. PLEASE when using your mobiles take care when crossing thye road. This may seem blindingly obvious, but twice in the last three days I've had a teenage schoolgirl walk straight out in front of me as I was turning a corner. They both had their phones to their right ears, so couldn't hear me aproaching from their right, and even though they didn't think to look, they might have spotted me in thier peripheral vision had the hands holding thier phones not been obscuring it. Fortunately, I anticipated the situation and had slowed down sufficiently so as not to have to slam the breaks on. Anyone in a hurry in that same situation may not have done. The girls themselves walked on oblivious, completely engrossed in their conversations.
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