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Friday 5 March 2010 12.35pm
A new ‘THINK!'/TfL national motorcycle safety campaign has been launched in London this month. This year's campaign has an interesting angle' If you got to know me, I think that you would like me very much'. The aim is to get drivers to think about the person on the back of a bike as a real person rather than a ‘biker' in a bid to cut down on the number of injuries on the road every year.

We're interested to hear what you think of the advert (which can be found here: as well as the campaign in general. Are you a biker or a driver? If so what have your experiences with other road users been like? Would you be more likely to notice bikers on the road if you know someone who rides a motorcycle? Do you think this issue is a big problem in your area?

Click on the link provided for more news and information on the new ‘THINK!'/TfL motorcycle safety campaign. THINK BIKE. THINK BIKER.
Saturday 6 March 2010 11.57am
Who are "we"? I'm interested in this, but don't talk to strangers as a rule.

...if you press it, they will come.
Saturday 6 March 2010 9.24pm
I was on the A13, returning home from dropping my youngest daughter off at school on Thursday morning, and as I sat waiting to turn right a motorcyclist coming towards me, overtaking stationary vehicles that were caught in the traffic, waved his hand at me to move over so that he could continue overtaking. Apparently, as a motorcyclist, he was under the impression that he was not only entitled to his side of the road, but to my side as well. I didn't think, 'Bike,' or 'Biker,' I thought, 'Idiot!'
Saturday 6 March 2010 10.51pm
I've been having the same experience lately. Turning on to Long Lane from TBR, there were motorcyclists overtaking a queue of traffic by riding head on into traffic coming off the junction. The road's far narrower than two cars and a motorcycle. If this is a new trend then it's going to take more than an ad campaign to save these bikers' lives.
Sunday 7 March 2010 8.46am
I look forward to seeing you coming over London Bridge with your sign, Ivanhoe. Might have to shorten that to 'Ivan' though.
Sunday 7 March 2010 8.39pm
Tolstoy, there's plenty of opportunities to meet me if you so desire.

And (I assume you're having a dig at me asking who the OP is) I think it's only manners for someone who's asking for your opinion to tell you what interest they themselves have in the subject. Esp. when that person describes themselves as a "we" (which I assume means some sort of body - which almost by definition implies a collection of people with a specific opinion/interest/set of objectives)

If this is an unreasonable stance in other peoples eyes, so be it. However, I am interested in bike safety, and, if I knew who the OP was, I'd probably be interested in joining in this discussion.

I'd see it as a bit like cold calling. If someone comes to my door and asks me Qs without telling me who they are, then they probably go away without any answers. However, if they introduce themselves and explain what they're here for, the outcome will probably be very different, and more satisfactory for us both.

Out of the three people who've posted in reply to OP, I seem to be the only one who expresses an interest in the topic they're trying to talk about. Sorry if that somehow irks you.

...if you press it, they will come.
Monday 8 March 2010 8.50am
Hi as A biker and a driver i am glad more awareness is being put on adverts,i also think that when people are learning to drive they should be introduced to the danger of changing lanes and maybe taught to do a life saver when doing so, i automatically do one in my car with out even thinking about it,
Aso bikes are allowed to overtake stationery traffic even crossing the line to on coming traffic, as long as it is safe to do so,
please dont tar all bikers with the same brush.
Monday 8 March 2010 2.14pm
It's in the Highway Code that motorcyclists are permitted to filter past stationary or slow moving traffic, so not a new trend. This is part of the training that new riders go through to get their licence, and one of the most appealing aspects of riding a motorbike in London where it saves considerable time compared to a car queueing in traffic.

With respect to the original post, I agree that is it a good idea to have drivers understand that 'bikers' are 'normal people', and not all aggressive speed maniacs who need to be taught a lesson.

Perhaps it would be good to see occasional signs in the street reminding drivers that bikers might filter past them. I've seen these outside London (Surrey?). Although I do also feel there are plenty of signs cluttering our streets already, so maybe not such a good idea!
Monday 8 March 2010 7.07pm
I am guilty of the 'human nature' thing, whereby I don't praise every motorist/cyclist/biker who drives sensibly and with consideration. But, in reality, that's no more than they should do. I do get annoyed when the opposite is the case and often, sometimes on this site, make my feelings known. I certainly don't tar all bikers with the same brush, but if I posted something on this site every time I saw someone driving correctly I would probably be on site every hour on the hour. The thing that annoyed me the other morning however, was the sheer arrogance of the biker who gesticulated to me in an angry fashion because I was sitting on MY side of the road waiting to turn right. I have no objection to bikers crossing on to the 'wrong' side of the road if the coast is clear. But, if I'm where I am supposed to be and, unfortubnately for the biker, that happens to be on MY side of the road, and there is no room for him to proceed, then tuffo lucko. He/she can sit and wait like the rest of us.
Tuesday 9 March 2010 9.41am
Dear Ivanhoe- I am working on this campaign from Transport for London. We are dealing with the London side of the campaign.

We have created two quizzes, one aimed at drivers and one aimed at bikers. Hopefully these questions will get people thinking about various aspects of road safety. Look below to test your knowledge of the road from a drivers point of view to see how you would fare in the safety stakes as part of the new ‘THINK!'/TfL campaign.

Drivers- Questions
1. At night drivers are required to keep head lights on a full-beam.
- True/False
2. Drivers must not use their horn...
- A. Whenever you see fit.
- B. Only when stationary
- C. Between 11.30pm and 7.00am etc Only when moving and you want to alert other road users to your presence.
3. You can drive when you are tired as long as you have had a cup of coffee.
- True/False
4. Drinking and driving do not mix! Do you know what is the legal limit is for drink driving?...
- A. 35 microgrammes/100 millilitres of breath or a blood alcohol level of more than 80 milligrammes/100 millilitres of blood.
- B. 45 microgrammes/100 millilitres of breath or a blood alcohol level of more than 90 milligrammes/100 millilitres of blood.
- C. 50 microgrammes/100 millilitres of breath or a blood alcohol level of more than 95milligrammes/100 millilitres of blood.
5. Drivers should use their mirrors...
- A. Frequently so that they are aware of what is going on around them.
- B. Only when turning or overtaking.
6. Choose the odd one out- Before moving off drivers should...
- A. Use all mirrors to check the road is clear.
- B. Look round to check the blind spots (the areas they are unable to see in the mirrors)
- C. Turn the radio on.
- D. Signal if necessary before moving out .
- E. Look round for a final check
7. According to the Highway Code stopping distances in snowy or icy distances can be...............longer than normal.
- A. Two times
- B. Five times
- C. Ten times
8. If you have a car license you can drive a motorcycle if...
- A. You put L plates on it.
- B. You pass CBT training.
- C. You pass CBT training and put L plates on it.
9. You MUST be able to read a vehicle number plate, in good daylight, from a distance of...
- A. 15 metres (or 15.5 metres where the old style number plate is used).
- B. 20 metres (or 20.5 metres where the old style number plate is used).
- C. 25 metres (or 25.5 metres where the old style number plate is used).

Bikers- Questions
1. Motorcyclists have a higher speed limit than cars on the motorway.
2. Motorcycle passengers do not have to wear a helmet.
3. Provisional license holders are not allowed to carry pillion passengers.
4. Motorcyclists have to wear reflective clothing when driving at night.
- True/False
5. Car drivers can easily spot motorcyclists as they have lots of mirrors.
- True/False
6. If you have a full car license you can drive a motorcycle if...
- A. You put L plates on it.
- B. You pass CBT training
- C. You pass CBT training and put L plates on it.
7. According to the Highway Code what can wet weather do to stopping distances?...
- A. Stay the same.
- B. Double.
- C. Triple.

Drivers- Answers
1. False- you should only use them if they will not dazzle other road users.
2. C- You should not sound your horn when stationary or in built up areas between 11:30pm-7:00am. You should not sound your horn in an aggressive manner as it can startle other road users.
3. False- drivers are advised not to drive when tired as it impairs their ability to stay aware of the dangers on the road.
4. A
5. A
6. C
7. C
8. C
9. B

Bikers- Answers
1. False- same speed limits
2. False
3. True- You cannot carry pillion passengers until you have passed your test
4. False- but you are advised to wear reflective clothing whenever you ride to make yourself as visible as possible.
5. False- Car drivers cannot see everything with their mirrors and often do not see motorcyclists even when looking at their blind spot.
6. C
7. B
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