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Friday 2 July 2010 10.00pm
Its people like," bdim and Zoe" who are clearly in denile or just stupid. Wouldnt be surprised if both of you are Staffordshire Bull Terrier owners. "It never seems to be the breed with you people". My facts come from direct contact with the Met Police, Mps, Vets, the BBC news, RSPCA, speaking to other dog owners who have had similar bad experinces with Bully breeds....the list goes on, and the public are becoming very aware of this serious problem with the unsavory owners of the bully breeds.
Zoe you clearly are making up stories, by saying "greyhounds and Labs" are VERY WELL represented in the bite figures. This is not only, very dishonest, its a bit off this planet. You sure chose to pick on two of the most gentle breeds. Just ask anyone out there...if you had to spend an evening in a room with a dog which one would you feel safer with? A Lab or a Staffordshire Bull Terrier? ha ha, I know which dog I would choose and it sure would be a Staff.
Friday 2 July 2010 10.06pm
Woops! made a HUGE spelling error in the above comment.

"And it sure wouldnt be a Staff, is what I meant"

my apologies
Friday 2 July 2010 10.55pm
The simplist search of the internet will show that you are incorrect in what you are saying, eg

I'm not really bothered about having a row with you as you clearly have a bizarre issue with Staffies, and are confusing them with 'pit bulls'. If you aren't aware that labs and greyhounds can be vicous then you aren't a dog trainer.

Like many others I have been campaigning for tighter control of dog ownership, as bad owners are creating bad dogs. You really should be part of this movement and not demonising certain dogs.

I'm extremely pleased that the dog that was attacked is getting better, it's horrible when your dog is unwell, and I was quite distressed at the thought the dog had been seriously injured. I also hope the owner had insurance so she will be covered and not out of pocket paying for treatment.
Saturday 3 July 2010 12.48am
There seem to be 2 different planets here... Fact is that there are people out there who will walk around with dogs intended to be weapons, and they are not "Labs", greyhounds, poodles or dachshunds, they are usually dogs that belong to one variation or other with "bull" in their name. If I were assaulted, ultimately I don't care whether I'd be assaulted by a bloke 3 times my size (hardly)using his fists, a nutter with a baseball bat or a skinny bloke with a knife or a gun. I just don't want that threat to be there. I don't want me or my family to be exposed to an attack by a chihahua, a poodle (very temperamental), but most of all, not by a "bull" of any description. And if the only way to achieve that is by banning any dodgy dogs, so be it. I like foxes, but I don't want them running around biting babies in cots.
Saturday 3 July 2010 10.13am
"Well said, eDWaRD WooDWaRD".

You have to think about the people whos dogs get attacked.
The dangerous dog and the owner walks free while the victim has to front the vet bill.
"Its an attack in full circle".

Telegraph The problem with Pit Bulls....and Staffs are mentioned several times in this article.
Battersea dogs home has just come out with a report concerning too many Staffs which are crossed with Pit Bull, also how many of them are dumped.
It sad but even sadder is if you get attacked by one of these dangerous Bully dogs.
Saturday 3 July 2010 10.28am
Last but not least I finally rest my case.

Because there are so many Staffordshire Bull Terriers owners in the UK.
The government will find it very difficult to ban this horrendous breed.
All dog owners will be penalized because of these idiots.

Hopefully this wont be the case.
A complete ban on Bully breeds would solve the problem.
Imagine being able to walk in the parks without feeling utter,fear for your pets life and yours.

10 years ago we didnt have this problem, until irresponsible people began to get status dogs. You dont need me trying to open your eyes. Just go to Battersea dogs home, try walking in the parks, or just look inside any vets....tell me what dog breeds you see.

I have nothing more to say.
Wish you and your pets, a peaceful, safe life.
Saturday 3 July 2010 11.37am
Just before you do leave the thread, Ms Reeve, could you please say which organisation certified you as a dog trainer?
Monday 5 July 2010 8.24am
Glad this thread is coming to an end as there is clearly no possibility of coming to a sensible resolution when when party (yes, that's you Ms Reeve) is fuelled by irrational hatred for (a) particular breed/s of dog (and are now resorting to insults - 'in denial or stupid'). I won't lower myself to the same level as I know that I am neither. The sensible answer is surely for greater dog control (breeding, ownership and enforcement) but one founded on correct information rather than irrational fears and misinformation. This should not mean banning any breed as that is a slippery slope which is not sustainable. Does anyone really think that a ban on all 'bull breeds' would mean that idiots using them as weapons would just stop or might they just use their initiative and find another type of dog to use? Of course they would and the history of dog use in this way provides the evidence. Ban the owners who are irresponsible, by all means, as that is the heart of the problem (and tighten up breeding - that would be good for dog welfare too) but let's make sure we keep the focus where the problem is needed.

I too hope the dog that was attacked gets well soon and that we all work together (dog owners and others) to prevent such things happening in the future.
Monday 5 July 2010 7.26pm
And I never did find out who thinks London is one of the most dangerous cities in the world. :(
Monday 5 July 2010 7.34pm
And I never found out where Ms Reeve got her certificate.
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