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Monday 5 July 2010 9.44pm
And "Well said, eDWaRD WooDWaRD" makes me feel more misunderstood than ever.
Tuesday 6 July 2010 9.08am
At the age of 12 a neighbour had two Staff Bull Terrers in a pit with a small little dog. They were training the Staffs to, dog fight on a poor helpless dog they had stolen. My father didnt want us to call the police in fear that our neighbours would come after us. I didnt listen to my father and called the police. Luckily the police came in time and rescued this little white dog from being torn to death. This experience as a child made me aware how vicious the Staff Breeds can be.
Their bloodlines are very similar to the Pit Bullsand in the wrong hands they are lethal weapons. Also in good hands they have the potential to be dangerous torwards other dog breeds. As a dog trainer with a NRQ level 3, national certificate in Animal management. I have experienced much knowledge working with the Staff breeds....some positive but most negative.

I have not been rude or insulting. Honesty, facts and educated knowledge always infuriates nosey, people who are in denile.

I recieved information from the government that the dangerous dog act is finally being reviewed in Parliment on July 9 2010 and the new changes will come immediately afterwards. Because there are soo many Status dogs such as the Staff Bull Terrier. It has become too difficult to ban them, so the governemnt plan on bringing in tougher penalties for all dangerous dogs and their owners rather than being "breed specific". I am hoping that this will change, as the attacks will probably, still continue by Bully Breeds and their bad owners. The government will have to rethink an even tougher regime to stop the problem.
Tuesday 6 July 2010 9.24am
Ms Reeve wrote:
As a dog trainer with a NRQ level 3, national certificate in Animal management.

Could you please say which training provider awarded you.
Tuesday 6 July 2010 10.35am
I am sorry for your experience Ms Reeve, it was clearly horrible and no one would say otherwise. Dog fighting is abhorrent and I would be the first in the queue to do anything necessary to wipe it off the planet. That is not the point of the discussion however and your experience has clearly coloured your views on this matter. I have had considerable experience with Staffies (amongst many other breeds, including other bull breeds) and have never had any problems at all (when dealing with well bred and cared for dogs). I do not own a Staffie by the way but do think it is important that we draw on accurate information about dogs to inform our decision-making processes rather than personal fears and misinformation. I understand your fears of this breed given your experience but do not believe that this should form the basis of informed decision-making when considering the status of any dog breed.

Not sure why I am 'nosey or in denial' when I am simply making an argument that differs from your own, though I will be honest that I do worry about your abilities as a dog trainer when you hold views that are so out of touch with the majority of people in the profession.

I am glad the Government is reviewing the dangerous dog legislation. For some time it has been considered a rather ridiculous piece of legislation and is in need of some serious re-working so that the focus is on the owner (and breeder) rather than the breed itself, such that appropriate and severe action is taken to deal with all people who abuse dogs and use them in ways which cause distress and harm to other people and other animals.
Tuesday 6 July 2010 2.42pm
This is probably something for your discussion:
Tuesday 6 July 2010 3.50pm
I'm not taking any sides here, all dogs can be a potential danger. There's a lady who lives around the corner from me who owns a Jack Russell. If I'm walking my dog and I see her and her 'vicious little rat' as I refer to it, I turn and walk the other way. The first time I came acrross them was about a year ago. We were walking towards each other when 'ratty' began straining at the leash like a mad thing, spitting and snarling at my timid hound. I swiftly crossed the road and as me and 'Max' walked off in to the distance I could still hear the thing yelping and snarling. A few months later I was in the local supermarket and this same lady walked in, having left 'ratty' tied up outside. A few moments later there was a hell of a comotion. An Asian couple had been walking past with their two daughters, who were wearing summer dresses, and the Jack Russell had attacked one of them and tore her dress. The father managed to pull the hem of the dress away from the dog while the rest of his family stood shrieking in terror. I love animals, but if it had been my daughter I'm afraid my knee-jerk reaction would have been to kick the b****y thing in to touch before it drew blood. The family, for whatever reason, decided against storming in to the shop and demanding to know who the owner was, which makes them better people than me. They just walked off with their arms around the poor, distraught girl. Had they decided to take it further I would have been more than happy to be a witness.
Finally, why is it that so many 'bull' breed owners have become a cliche? The only one's I see with such breeds are shaven headed, multi-pearced and heavilly tatooed. Are they making a statement? 'I'm a hard geezer, so I'm gonna have a hard dog.'
To their credit, I have never yet seen one of their dogs behave badly, but it doeas create a stereotype that makes one look upon them with a jaundiced eye.
Saturday 17 July 2010 9.21pm
Dear Mr beetroot

The last thing anyone would do is give their personal information over to strangers. Where I obtained my training license is no concern of yours or anyone elses. Anyone who seems obsessed as you are clearly has, bad intensions.
Let me remind you that the discussion is about dangerous dogs and a poor woman whos dog was attacked by an illegal pit bull.

No person or pet is safe with these dangerous breeds around.
Sunday 18 July 2010 8.31am
So, Ms Reeve, what IS an NRQ? In the same way an NVQ is called a National Vocational Qualification, NRQ must similarly mean something? That isn't personal data, surely?

If you were professionally involved with dogs as you assert, you wouldn't be making such unqualified comment. Vicious dogs are usually reared that way by an owner who shouldn't be allowed to have animals in the first place.
Sunday 18 July 2010 1.42pm
Ms Reeve wrote:
IHonesty, facts and educated knowledge always infuriates nosey, people who are in denile.
A river in Egypt?
Sunday 18 July 2010 4.48pm
Wow - these threads with entrenched arguments are boring.

(sorry for cross posting on another dog related boring dog entrenched related dog boring argument dog story)
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