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Borough Market traders evicted

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Monday 13 June 2011 11.37am
Sorry to disturb the flow of the thread (as I have been lurking).

Article from the guardian yesterday:
Monday 13 June 2011 11.48am
'Wilkinson acknowledged the eviction decision had been poorly communicated...'

That'll be our Ceri then.
Monday 13 June 2011 7.14pm
" The issue here is not competition but integrity. We want Borough Market in these tough economic times to offer people products that are unique and not available elsewhere a few steps away"

Hotel Chocolat is at London Bridge Station. Is that "a few steps away"?
Monday 13 June 2011 8.01pm
[/quote]Homa's point is clear. You can disagree with the management but you cannot judge the market as a whole and boycott it because of some choices the management has done.[/quote]

People can boycott it if they so wish.Freedom of choice.Boycotts are the perfect way for people to show their displeasure.

[/quote]In the market there are, and there will be, traders that do their job fantastically and they cannot be punished "in toto" because of the eviction of 7 others.[/quote]

They're not being "punished" by members of the public.It is the BM management and trustees who are wholly responsible for this state of affairs.

[/quote]The market is still a buzz of good traders who want to do well. Do you want all to move to Maltby street? Do you think if they moved all to M street it would be a paradise?[/quote]

Nobody is claiming that Maltby St would be a paradise. Traders should have the right to trade at both locations.Southwark/London is a big place. Plenty for everyone.

[/quote]NYD and Monmouth have done good but they are in a privileged position compared to other traders... and at a point they have used this privilege.. Ok fair enough.[/quote]

If by "priviledged position" you mean that the BM management cannot bully and harrass them like they have done to other traders, then I suppose they are. But isn't it sad that this is what a "priviledged position" now constitutes in the BM?

[\quote]So now: how to move from here? The experience of Homa and many other traders in the market who want to succeed should be valued[/quote]

Nobody is stopping them. I am sure Homa/Rob, will go from strength to strength. After all, even those beastly camera toting tourists need somewhere to eat, and I am sure Rob will acommodate them in his new eaterie.

[/quote]Honestly, I wish to remark this, boycotting does not look a bright attitude because it will only hurt the traders not at all the management.. mind this.[/quote]

Oh I think a successful boycott would hurt the management.

[/quote]We have reached a point in this thread where there is a positive hero and a negative one, without watching the details (the people who individually depend on the BM, as they honestly trade in it. and they are many!), this looks good for a hollywood movie but in this case is a bit out of frame..[/quote]

Who is the "negative hero"? (I am a wee bit loathe to use the word "hero" to describe somebody who flogs food. The gurkha fella who held off 30 taliban single handed-THAT'S a hero!)

[/quote]and there is less hot food.[/quote]

More hot-food hungry customers for Homa/Rob. Luverly Jubbly!

[/quote]I believe that traders at BM could be asked to talk to the people. They may have their view.[/quote]

Although I hear that they have been cautioned not to say anything negative about the BM management, so any comments would be somewhat one-sided.

[/quote]So lets engage with the traders at BM, rather than punish them by boycotting the market. We may save the super 7, but we are killing 100 others...[/quote]

"killing?" dear, dear. Bit melodramatic

[/quote]That is what I believe. And that is why I still shop in both markets. Although mostly at BM.[/quote]

This is where I came in, that's called "freedom of choice", something which is being denied to traders. I am sure there are other BM traders who would love to trade at Maltby St but are simply too scared to do so.
Monday 13 June 2011 8.10pm
In an echo of the earlier allusions to traders being subsidised, the Guardian piece includes this assertion from Peter Wilkinson: "We offer space at a discount on which we take losses."

If the market holds the land in trust, so is not having to pay rent of its own, what are its overheads? I'm not saying these are nonexistent: there will I guess be insurance for buildings and public liability, staffing and office costs, and of course wonderful consultants like Ceri. And it seems rents for stallholders (as opposed to shops) haven't been a bone of contention, but are they really so low that they fail to cover their share of BM's annual outgoings?

As a resident of the old St Saviour parish - or so it seems from the map at , as others were asking - I wouldn't mind a council tax rebate now and again. But more than that, I'd like a market where I can actually buy stuff at reasonable prices and without feeling I'm supporting a self-perpetuating and unaccountable bureaucracy.
Monday 13 June 2011 8.36pm
I, personally, don't think a boycott is going to help anyone. There are still tons of tourists who don't give a flying one about all this stuff and it will only hurt the traders who aren't pandering to them.

If you ask me the way to go is to challenge BM to be more accountable, open and transparent in it's dealings and decision making - to both the local community and the traders.

I don't know particularly how we achieve this but i know this thread alone has had some powerful effects at least. I strongly suggest (a) keeping this up and (b) writing to whoever you think appropriate - ie Simon Hughes, BBC London, Evening Standard etc. The more scrutiny this situation is given the more BM will have to explain it's actions and strategy, which seem incredibly random and off the cuff at the mo.

The more traders who also come forward - difficult i know - the stronger the case is. One of the big problems is BM saying 'loads of the traders haven't complained' when I know that a lot of them are simply afraid to speak out, for fear of reprisals. The letter signed by the 'Bermondsey 7' was a very good move. It gives them a voice and legitimacy which rumour and innuendo don't. The more legitimacy this has the stronger the case is for BM's actions to be properly and robustly assessed.

So if any of the other traders on here feel they could do something like that I think it would be a strong - and brave - move...

We need a 'Spartacus' moment!
Monday 13 June 2011 8.57pm
What would it take to put up a slate of local candidates for posts as trustees?
Monday 13 June 2011 9.07pm
At the end of the day, what I want is affordable produce combined with a pleasant shopping experience. If that means going to BS and MS instead of BM, where none of the above has been available for quite a while now, so be it. As far as the running of BM and its contribution to the local community goes, which (and excuse the comparison, I can't think of a better one) is more along the lines of Chelsea compared to Millwall (my neighbour's son plays for a Millwall youth team...), it becomes a matter of principle. Besides contacting Simon Hughes, I have also been pondering what positive effect the opinion of many of the more influential, industry related celebrities who proclaim to have been supporters of what BM originally stood for could contribute to keep BM to become an attraction similar to the LB Experience or whatever it's called.
Monday 13 June 2011 9.10pm
Boroman wrote:
What would it take to put up a slate of local candidates for posts as trustees?


Decent local people who care about, and understand, the area, rather than random overseas based businessmen.

If someone in the know could post the election / appointment rules for me that would be appreciated.
Monday 13 June 2011 9.20pm
I know one of the ousted trustees. He is still very active locally in all kinds of initiatives, and very dignified about the whole affair. I would be very interested in learning about the election / appointment rules as well. I am a bit tired of sitting on my posterior.
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