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Borough Market traders evicted

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Tuesday 14 June 2011 5.25pm
Totally agree with James post, it's not important to this thread.

George - please could you post on here some detail of how the appointment process works for Trustees.
Wednesday 15 June 2011 4.02pm
I've got to page 31 - still reading. very interesting thread.

just an idea about possible action to take to make BMM more accountable - write to charities commision, or BMM itself, and use the Freedom of Information act to ask for specific details relating to things like cost of rental for pitches, profit given to local residents, names/addresses of trustees, accounts for 5 years, etc, stuff that they should have, and should be able to give out under FOI requests.
Wednesday 15 June 2011 5.18pm
WOW! - In response to George's post...The below takes some doing! That is an incredible & to be frank, shocking list of superb artisan traders, that have been squeezed, threatened or expelled from Borough. I am speechless.

"For the record I am informed that over the past 18 months the following 50 trader positions have been lost, primarily to the casual market. [b]Culinery Herb Co; Power of Nature; Angela Malik; Power Falafal: Gary's Fish, Love Farm, Perry Court Organic Veg; Sussex Fowl; Little Copice Nursery; Plum Bread; Dark Sugar; Gourmet Mushrooms; Fern Verrow; Fresh Pasta Company; Greek Connection; Bournes Cheshire Cheese; Hebredian Smokehouse; Rhodes Bakery; Ham & Cheese Company; Parmesan Cheese; Basque Salami; Kaeswiss cheese; Borenkaas cheese; Kappaskasin; Borough Cheese Company; Topolski; Mons Cheese, Hophurst Farm; Stichelton; Maison Bertaux; Seldon SeenGeese; Tofu Neil; Monmouth Coffee; Flour Power; Applebees; De Gustibus; Gamston Wood; Mrs Bassa; Scandelicious; Orkney Rose and Sharpham Park. From the Wholesale Market; Booths mushrooms; A Sugarman; C&C Fruit; Bournes; and Permanent stands; West Country Venison; Farmer Sharp; Flour Power."
Wednesday 15 June 2011 5.36pm
The appointment of Trustees is not as some who have been trying to find out and have posted suggest. It is a little complicated so bear with me.

Historically, the market was administered by 22 Trustees. Five of those Trustees were ex officio appointees from a sister charity, St Saviours that manages a sheltered home, and distributes grants. St Saviours gets its income from various properties in and around London - including the old Wheatsheaf pub and the East side of Park Street. Originally there was an alms house adjacent to the market, but this was demolished to make way for the railway, and the home moved first to Norwood and recently again to Croydon. This all dates back to the orignal setting up of the Market in 1756, when Trustees took over the running of the market from the City of London. Originally, the Market was run by church wardens who lived in the parish of St Saviours. This was subsequently changed in the early 20th century when the appointment was taken over by the local authority.

Appointments whilst made through the local authority were entirely at the discretion of the local councillors for the ward covering the parish - Cathedral Ward. Appointments to the Market Trust were for 4 years and those to the Charity St Saviours for one year. Up to 1991, the Chairman of the Market was not appointed by the Trustees of the Market, but was the ex-Officio Chairman of the Great Account of the St Saviour Charity. This changed in 1991 when the two organisations split from each other and for the first time the Market appointed its own chairman. I was appointed chairman in 1992, having been the chairman of the markets development committee since 1995.

As I explained in an earlier post, I spent over 5 years sorting out the statutes and charitable registration. Part of that process was changing the way Trustees had previously been appointed ie via the councillors and local council and to a direct selection and appointment process by the Trust. There was no sinister motive behind this, because under the previous system of appointment it was the case that the Trust could be said to be under Council control, which is against charity law. The Trustees on the advice of the Charity Commission also widened the area from which Trustees could be drawn, and reduced the number of Trustees.

A number of new Trustees were appointed under the new system including the current chairman. A number have since resigned (myself included) and others been appointed.

In retrospect, a judgment could be made that this has all led to the current impasse. I regret we have ended up in this situation, but that is where we are, and with different personel involved, we could have avoided what has happened. People have asked how to become a Trustee. Technically anyone can apply, and I encourage people to make inquiries to the Trust asking about the process. There will have to be a proper and transparent process. If there isn't then go to the Charity Commission and seek their help as the regulator.

Mention has been made about approaching simon hughes. I approached him 3 times and despite his office saying he would get in touch. He as well personally committing himself to that course, but I never head a word. A more fruitful course of action in my view would be to contact the chief executive of Southwark Council or the Leader of the Council. As ratepayers you still have a lever through the Statutes governing the market, and there is still an obligation on the Market Trustees to let people know what is going on at the Market.

I am sure both the Leader and the Chief Executive of Southwark Council will have been made aware of what has been going on.
Wednesday 15 June 2011 7.48pm
hello folks - i'm a borough trader. i've just been alerted to this thread, as someone has lifted a thread i was involved producing on our closed borough traders facebook page, about traders who have left the borough, and put it onto this forum. i feel moderately aggrieved by this - but what the heck. next time, just ask me? the point i want to make is that the list has been taken and posted here entirely out of context. it includes traders who went bust, who retired, who were thrown off for chronic H&S reasons, whose business model changed, etc etc. indeed, several of them left because they couldn't make a go of it, but lots of new businesses have come on as well. i'm not sure what the net figure is. i shall find out. as to this dialogue about the bermondsey seven - crikey! i'm going to post what i think about that as soon as i can get my thoughts in order.
Wednesday 15 June 2011 9.41pm
With all the respect for a person who has managed such a prestigious entity like Borough Market, (George Nicholson), I have to say that his last post really left me puzzled.

Not only contradicted several thoughts previously put forward by himself (hot food, dealing with tourist pressure and so on) but he gave me (us) details of the private life of people who ultimately do their work, maybe with a honest effort. Details I am not sure I wish to know at all.
He also mixed all this with other ingredients of a salad that was hard to digest.. It sounds too much like a personal issue. And I do not like it.
I also remember Mr Nicholson saying in one of his posts, “go to Brixton Market.. as there is more future there”… What?!? But now he cares about the future of BM of course..
Also talking openly, too negatively about a shop that is soon opening is not a gentleman style, in my vision. What if Rob (is this his name?) is genuinely trying to do well for the Market?

I think the market layout has improved massively and I think we should all visit it and make up our own mind.
The new area I cannot name, as I do not know the name, that is close to Jubilee market is just perfect. Jubilee market itself has improved as well. New additions have been made both in the shop area and the stalls. I believe for example that selling and promoting English wines has been a really brave move. I tried several, and mmhh need some improve, but this is the mission of the market of course.

Talking to people around I hear a lot of them saying, “hey I want to go to Maltby street.. who cares about BM!”. I think this thread has had an effect but not a good one, as I still do not see how some traders are better than others on the principle that they have been “evicted” and other haven’t, this word has been used in this thread . Guys it does not make sense.

In my naivety that sometimes embraces a certain cynicism I would like to know whether people in this thread who support so massively Maltby are actually residents of the area. Me living in the middle, I believe that we should make the best effort to make sure that BM thrives more and more, and Maltby street will have its own story independent from BM.

I live close to Bermonsdey sq market, the closest to me, and I cannot call this a market, Maltby is all right, Borough is a stone, an institution and should be valued as such by us residents.
Wednesday 15 June 2011 10.41pm
"Borough is a stone, an institution and should be valued as such by us residents"

No. It was, but is not anymore. And, as a resident, I don't value it anymore. I am hopeful this might change though. And yes, I do go to MS and BS.
Wednesday 15 June 2011 10.43pm
HappyFeet wrote:
I would like to know whether people in this thread who support so massively Maltby are actually residents of the area.

I'm Bermondsey born and bred, happyfeet and I support Maltby Street woleheartedly, but not for any gastronomic reasons (I find BM and Maltby Street too expensive). I want to see Maltby Street succeed because I am a passionate believer in freedom of choice and I firmly believe that the BM management have done something contrary to that ideal. That is why I would urge people to shun BM until the current management bugger off. I see much talk on here regarding writing to councillors, talking to journos, contacting the charity commission, etc etc. Believe me, none of this will have the slightest effect on the BM bullies. With a boycott, the traders may suffer a short term drop in sales, but I guarantee that when the traders and surrounding shops start seeing sales drop, they will stop grumbling in private and will demand change. Nothing gets people more animated than money!
Incidentally HappyFeet, what difference does it make where posters on this board live? If BM or Maltby Steet relied on just "local" people, they'd be bankrupt in a week!
Wednesday 15 June 2011 10.59pm
As a local resident I have been following this and found it astounding that traders/employees/residents etc want to run Borough Market down. It is a valuable asset to the area and should be protected from this continuing barrage.
There are very few sensible points on this thread, Happy Feet being the most sensible by far that I have read. There appears to be a lot of hearsay being published without anyone substantiating it.
Customers will ultimately choose where they want to shop for a myriad of reasons and that is life.
Regarding George Nicholson's posts, well he must have some hidden agenda. Why is he being allowed to intrude into peoples lives, without any recourse. If I chose to pry into his personal life he would not like that at all. Does he really want the current management out and if so, why. Does he really think the management at Borough Market are deliberately running down the Market. Everything George implemented at Borough Market whilst chairman was perfect or without criticism, was it?
Maybe George Nicholson should concentrate on being the consultant for the new Borough Market in Manchester. Then in due course he will attack the management of that project in the same way he is doing here in London. Why not move to Manchester and forget London.
This thread has gone on far too long.
Wednesday 15 June 2011 11.08pm
Hi sbolt, welcome to the discussion. The only barrage I see is that of some first time posters and other fist time posters supporting them, and all of them opposing the views of many veteran SE1 posters, some of whom are critical of BM for very valid reasons. That better not be the smell of less than fresh fish I am detecting.
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