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Borough Market traders evicted

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Monday 9 May 2011 3.21pm
Bloggie wrote:
Truthmonkey-home wrote:
Tolstoy wrote:
Who are the trustees exactly?


Although I would not that they are late in filing, so this list may be out of date. Their website indicates a slightly difference list of people -
that must be very out of date as Karen told me that she was not a trustee anymore and that was over a year ago. it may be the same for some of hte other names.

Don't intend to be morbid but the Very Revd Colin Slee passed away last year.
Monday 9 May 2011 3.22pm
Could Mr Wilkinson also reply to the various other things brought up in this thread? Be really good to have him, or someone from the BM team, at least engage with us. I personally don't have any agenda here.. I just don't understand why it has got so bad.

The lack of transparency and openness is never a good sign in my book and the inability of the BM trustees to engage with us on here in a human, non-corporate way, is really reflecting very poorly on them I would say.

As for the halting of 'the last decade's decline at Borough'.. i wouldn't go that far.. My personal opinion is is started going off the boil around 2-3 years ago. Before that it was still quite a fun and useful place to shop which had a relevance to the local community..

I look forward to hearing from the BM team on this thread. It would really be a great starting point to show they are serious about engaging with the SE1 community in a productive way, rather than conversing through press releases. If they don't bother then i think we can see how much regard they hold us SE1ers in. But seriously - talk to us! We can have a moan and you can explain why you've done things. Some of them might be quite valid. Some of them might not. But at least we can all put our points across in a way that could be productive for everyone..

If you need a hand learning how to set up an account i'm sure someone here can give you some help.. it's really not very hard...
Monday 9 May 2011 3.29pm
Evidently the feeling amongst many, myself included, is that issues dealt with in private are simply resulting in a poorer service to us all in general. A more open approach and you might not have had to defend yourself in this manner. The market is bigger than any one trustee and has been there for far longer, alongside the community that has watched it turn into a fairground presumably under your watch. There is considerable anger from ordinary people who used to shop there on how the market has developed and someone has to take responsibility for that, embracing critical comment and seeking community views on what is required to keep the market alive as a wholesale venture. It requires tact, patience and a genuine wish to listen and act in accordance with the wishes of the many as opposed to simply implementing the business theories of the few.
Monday 9 May 2011 3.36pm
You beat me to it Runningman:-)
Monday 9 May 2011 3.42pm
BM's quote on the news page:

"Some in this group of eight openly promote the out-dated line that Borough Market is a tourist trap and that our intelligent and discerning food shoppers should come to the new Maltby Street market instead."

Outdated line....tourist was the trustees' idea to ptoduce a line of merchandise and a stall selling Borough Market souvenirs!
Monday 9 May 2011 3.45pm
ROAST has been told to go? Why? I simply do not understand what's going on here...but it seems to me that BM is managing itself out of business. There is such a nasty flavour to all of this (no pun intended) and that tends to hang in the air. I think we may find traders voting with their feet along with many of us regulars. Pity. If it ain't broke, why fix it?
Monday 9 May 2011 3.48pm
Only 'Roast to Go', the takeaway bit but that's a shame as it was a sensible offshoot of the restaurant, enabling people to sample their food without having to commit to the restaurant's prices.

What about Fish's fish and chip shop? Surely that falls under the same criteria?
Monday 9 May 2011 3.51pm
Tolstoy wrote:
You beat me to it Runningman:-)

That's why I am THE RUNNING MAN!

But seriously.. hear hear. If i could give a round of applause to each of these comments i would.

Now when is BM going to join the discussion and make it a bit less one sided?
Monday 9 May 2011 3.51pm
i respond to Mr Wilkinson, the reason I remain anon is because the management do not like people talking about Borough at all and i would lose my livelihood. The leases and licences even contain a paragraph that forbids talking to anyone about Borough market in a "negative manner". therefore it is not an open and honest policy you maintain.

Glennis has refused to even meet with the trader reps on occasion and still will not meet with two of them. One of whom Mr Mullett has now resigned. The other Mike Hill is persona non grata because.....well who knows!? She point blank refused to discuss the evictions with them.

if your loyalty is first with the food shoppers and community of Borough Market, no trader has anything to be concerned about. I defy anybody to prove that the loyalty of the evicted stalls was not with their shoppers it is purely about the fact they also trade at Maltby Street which they should be entitled to do.In as far as the community goes the definition is "a social, religious, occupational, or other group sharing common characteristics or interests and perceived or perceiving itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists" It is not something to be legislated for, bullied and branded like intensively farmed cattle! Also surely for you to be included within that community you would have to share a passion for either foods or markets. having never seen you on the floor of Borough (i know you have been down once or twice) it doesn't look that promising.

Before the market kicked off in 1998 it was used as a car park. A place to park ones car. There would be no Borough market brand as we know it or NCP would have done it years ago. it is supposed to be (as one trader put it) a reciprocal relationship. The traders need the space and the infrastructure and you need the traders or you just have space and thats all you have. You do not own the traders and they in turn do not own Borough Market. Unless you alter your style of management up in the offices you can be assured that your "brand" will be worth nothing in 6-12 months time. To really mean something a "brand" has to have integrity as well as financial value. Intentional or not the integrity is being stripped from the market and you may be the man at the helm who killed Borough Market. I'd rather you started working with the people down there than bullying them....or you hand over to somebody who does genuinely care about the community in which he lives full time.
Monday 9 May 2011 3.53pm
Tolstoy wrote:
You beat me to it Runningman:-)

That's why I am THE RUNNING MAN!

But seriously.. hear hear. If I could give a round of applause to each of these comments I would.

Now when is BM going to join the discussion and make it a bit less one sided?

P.S. Have you ever heard anyone say "hey there's a really great BRAND near me - you should go and check it out?"
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