Mice in a restaurant - what do you do?

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Friday 27 May 2011 10.40pm
I ate out at an (unnamed!!) South Bank eaterie a couple of weeks ago and a mouse scuttled across the floor, brave mouse!

Now I found it quite funny at the time, it wasn't until later after I consulted with friends, that I was in the minority and most people were disgusted and said I should have walked out.

What would you have done? Is it just one of those occupational hazards that comes with eating so close to the river or is is unacceptable?

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Friday 27 May 2011 10.46pm
As an animal lover I would have ordered the cheese board for dessert and left some under the table for my new furry friend.
Saturday 28 May 2011 6.07am
Personally I'd have taken your line, its us that encourage them after all. I'd dare say management are more than aware of the issue but perhaps a letter in their direction? Having recently returned from India where, at my hotel I watched a bloody enormous rat run behind a piano at a very nice, clean restaurant I appreciate the issue but I just kind of shrugged... but hey, that's India.
Saturday 28 May 2011 7.20am
I'm curious as to why you have not named the eatery? It's your first post - go on, name the place.
Saturday 28 May 2011 7.55am
A young rat ran past my foot in the Woolpack garden a few weeks ago. Not bothered. The important thing is that food is stored safely in the kitchen and waste food is stored securely before collection. That's just about all that can be done.
Saturday 28 May 2011 8.50am
I had occur once in a pub near the river and agree there is no need to name which one. Even the cleanest kitchens/ restaurants/homes can get mice at times especially near the river or when road or building works are carried out. I choose not to mention it to the management at the time as I didn't want make a fuss as it was a friends birthday. However the next day I emailed the pub and told them. They emailed me back very promptly thanked me for letting them know , apologized and told me what they were doing for pest control.

So personally I would do that, again if i were you, if they do not get back to you with an apology and assure you they are dealing with the problem, then I would report them to environmental health department.
Saturday 28 May 2011 9.34am
I also had a mouse run under the table at a restaurant, we laughed, I discreetly mentioned it to the staff who took the cost of our wine of the bill. I have been back many times.
Saturday 28 May 2011 10.25am
Call me cynical but my first thought reading this about an 'unnamed' eatery was it's a roundabout ad for petcoach.co.uk, and note that the next puppy class starts on 8th June
Saturday 28 May 2011 10.42am
Equally not sure Chef & Brewer will be happy having an ad that links to a mice problem in an un-named restaurant........
Saturday 28 May 2011 11.05am
If you want to see 'wildlife' whilst you eat try EV on Isabella St
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