Supermarket Clubcard Scam

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Saturday 30 July 2011 2.34pm
I was shopping in an OKR supermarket this morning. The lady in front of me had been served and was studying her receipt intently.
While my shopping was being scanned she came back and asked the cashier why the Clubcard number on her receipt was not hers. The scanner looked worried and could offer no reply, so the lady said she would speak to customer services.
On the way out, I saw the lady in the queue for Customer services, so I asked her what happened. She said that prior to her handing over her Clubcard she saw the cashier scan something and got suspicious, which is why she checked her receipt thoroughly, and noticed the Clubcard numbers did not match up.
I checked my receipt and it was ok, but it may be worth checking from now on as you may be losing out on your points.
Saturday 30 July 2011 4.24pm
I guess it can only have been a rogue employee supplementing his or her (admittedly meagre) income by accruing points that were due to customers.

Did you happen to notice whether the lady in front paid for her shopping in cash? Because by deduction, the safest way for checkout staff to run a scam like that on any biggish scale would be to selfscan for their own benefit only when someone was already pulling out notes from purse or wallet...

... Unless the security software of the supermarket chain's loyalty scheme is so primitive as not to flag up an alert when one member seems to have been buying their groceries using dozens of different credit or debt cards? One wonders.

Also a massive failure of in-store customer services
unless, having had the discrepancy pointed out, they put the till operator on immediate suspension in order to investigate. Again though one can only wonder.

At my local convenience store I watch the till display like a hawk, as things are so often rung up wrong, but at the bigger retail names I'm more blase. Probably to my detriment.
Monday 1 August 2011 9.34pm
i will check my next time. Thanks! :)

Monday 1 August 2011 10.43pm
strangly this has happened wth my nectar card at sainsburys bhs ( though I don't shop there any more)
I get a receipt saying for eg I have 508 points in money that is 2.5o, the next time I go in I say I will use my points- they say you only have 8 points- a few times I thought, well maybe I did us them - then I kept a note and on five occasions my points had disapeared- when I fed this back to Sainburys- they had no interest and said I had to go back to nectar- at one point nectar said you used your points in sainsbury local Slough- I said- not even in my dreams, have I ever been to Slough and is there not some policy you have to use your card once in 12 monthes- before you can claim your points in that store?
to cut short- they always - reinstated my points but hydrametre has raised yet another scam ( this forum outs alot of scams-good) i don't shop at Sainsburys BHS anymore for various reason well documented on this forum- but there is a great point raised here.
Friday 5 August 2011 12.24pm
Had the same thing a couple of years back at a supermarket in Holborn. Customer services corrected the points to my account but always kept an eye on cashiers since.

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