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Sunday 31 July 2011 11.48pm
In the hope that local pizza delivery places read this forum!

We've had a break in at my block recently so won't let strangers in who just buzz the intercom.
So when I got an insistent buzz on my doorbell yesterday morning and answered the callers "let me in to deliver pizza leaflets" with a polite sorry but no - being called a "bitch" doesn't really encourage me to let such individuals in!! I know you have to deliver leaflets but please warn your staff to expect they might not be given access and not be abusive. Don't know who it was as obviously nobody else let them in so can't contact the company directly.
Monday 1 August 2011 7.37am
It annoys me when they don't push the leaflet fully through the letterbox as anything sticking out your letterbox all day would suggest the property is empty and open to a burglary.
Monday 1 August 2011 8.58am
I haven't had the rudeness, but have refused entry, citing the usual 'rain forest' reasons and lack of need for even more. I have also called the various premises and spoken to the Manager, asking them to cease the seemingly endless leafleting.

Given the high turnover of staff at these outlets, it is worrying that so many people have access to the entry codes and, thus, entry to our buildings. So much for 'secure living'.
Monday 1 August 2011 9.23am
I touched briefly on this subject in response to Phoney's posting on the 'Collective nouns' thread, before reading this one.
LelB, it's outrageous the way you were spoken to by that leaflet dropper, but not a great shock in this day and age. I was coming out of my front door some months ago and a rough-looking bloke was heading towards my front door with a 'Kleeneze' brochure, (or some such name.) I said, "No thanks, mate." He got really irate. "What do you mean, no thanks. You haven't seen whats in it yet!" I told him I never buy from the door, but he didn't seem to want to take no for an answer. I eventually got rid of him and he marched off, effing and blinding. I reckon he'd just taken up the franchise and was trying to bully people in to buying.
And yes, Phoney, a leaflet sticking out of a letterbox all day does give out signals. The tea-leafs today are up to every trick in the book and still learning new ones. I've heard recently that they now drive around the streets on rubbish collection days to see who hasn't got bags out, coz it may indicate that the people are on holiday. So watch out for that one. If you plan to go away, get a neighbour to put one of their bags outside your property on collection day.
To get back on topic, I've never lived in an area where there are so many fast-food outlets as my present area, (Southend.) I don't know how they all survive. At least three pizza leaflets, a couple of Chinese and the same for curry houses pop through my letterbox every day. On Wednesdays I get two free newspapers through the door. I have asked the paper boy to stop, but every week it seems to be a different lad. It all goes straight in to the re-cycling bag. I did consider putting a notice on my front door: 'No leaflets. No religeous callers. No free newspapers.' Some of my neighbours have done this, but only with limited success as some of the droppers apparantly can't read English or can't read full stop. In any case, I don't see why I should have to disfigure my front door to avoid this nuisance, and nuisance it is.

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