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Southwark Council Assembly on January 25

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Tuesday 17 January 2012 7.01pm
hahahahahhahahahaha :)
Wednesday 18 January 2012 10.07am
Nick wrote:
Hard to recycle when provision of recycling bags is so hopeless - 10 days since we ordered them but Environmental services can only undertake to provide them in 10 working days!
Reference number for this request is 8006614925

Took me nearly a month to get a second supply of bags and over Christmas so was really tempting to just put all my rubbish out for landfill collection but I am committed to recycling. Until recently my recycling was collected via blue box etc from the door step now its from thin easily torn bags (when you get them) left by a public bin round the corner (I can not have a wheelie bin). Not what I would call an improvement in collection and if collection is not good then recycling will NOT increase.

Against pedestrianising of all roads except t/l roads for i think this would increase traffic on those roads lots of people live on them too. I know there is an argument that it can reduce overall traffic, but I think in order for that to happen it needs a radical overhaul of traffic policy in more than Southwark.

Better buses/public transport need to come first.

Better cycle lanes etc (not just coloured tarmac) it needs to be much safer for cyclist if you want to increase cycling.
Wednesday 18 January 2012 10.11am
I have the opposite problem, if I put out more than one recycling bag I get a roll of 10 bags stuffed in my letter box in return. I have quite a few rolls in a drawer now.
Wednesday 18 January 2012 11.04am
How can we promote energy efficiency - ...?
Provide an easy to use and easily located ‘agency’ or office to send complaints / suggestions to for the local are eg. buildings that are lit up all night, the ‘agency’ could contact the building managers on the community’s behalf and ask them to consider more energy efficient lighting controls.

How can we further encourage people to recycle? I have a compost bin and a weekly recycling collection and a communal recycling centre on my estate, so I think we are very lucky. We also have our communal general waste bins emptied pretty much every day. What we don’t have is communal food waste bins (and we alredy have rat problems so this would need to be collected regularly) and we also –as far as I know – don’t have a garden waste collection. Many people on the estate who live on the upper floors got fed up with their recycling not being collected and it hanging around on the balconies until they were told to take it back in (not easy to store for another week in some tiny flats) and have given up – so now it all goes in the landfill bins for many people. Some form of incentive might help to encourage them again? We used to have tags on the bags so you could potentially win £1,000 – I used to do it every week (but never won, sadly)! I also put my plastic recycling out seperately into the recycling centre, but there is no incentive for most people to do this and in fact I suspect many don’t know you can. It would be simpler if the council took ALL recycling, not just some.

How can we encourage more sustainable travel...? Put pedestrians and cyclists first, other vehicles second, when designing road layouts. Impose a 20mph speed limit throughout the borough and enforce it. In fact try enforcing current road infringments for a start eg speeding, jumping red lights (and you can include cyclists in that too).

... how can the council further protect the public realm...?Start with young people, most adults know not to trash what has been provided, but young people see it as ‘cool’ to drop rubbish, graffiti and destroy stuff. Linking schools to green spaces is presumably already being done? Dog owners not picking up the crap is a perennial problem and I don’t know how you change this attitude, what kind of person doesn’t think it’s disgusting to leave dog mess on a children’s play area!? Our estate cleaners spend a ridiculous proportion of their time cleaning up after peoples dogs.
Wednesday 18 January 2012 11.32am
JohnBoy49 wrote:
I have the opposite problem, if I put out more than one recycling bag I get a roll of 10 bags stuffed in my letter box in return. I have quite a few rolls in a drawer now.

so clearly recycling scheme needs to be better run. I am not sure why I cant have a collection from the door step as before and as for my non recycling. I am on the flats above shop scheme even though I do not live in a flat and I am not above a shop. In order to get on that scheme I had to contact the council to ask why my recycling was no longer being collected as I was given no notice that collection had changed. when speaking to the recycling team I pointed outI had not been told of any changes and perhaps they or the council should contact my neighbours and others affected but they said they were waiting for people to contact them. My neighbours no longer recycle now that door step collection has stopped.
Mr Jac took some old carpet to the new rubbish collection depot on old kent road and was impressed with the facilities there but clearly the collection scheme needs better management. I think most people will recycle if it is easy.
Wednesday 18 January 2012 11.52am
Nick, Jac

Re. your recycling bags - if you want to drop me an email ([email protected]) letting me know where you live, I can see if we can resolve the problem.

Wednesday 18 January 2012 12.04pm
Thank you Claire, until I order my next lots of bags I do not know if the problem has been resolved but I will email you my correspondence so far. But the point I really wanted to make is that if you want to increase recycling you must have trouble free regular collections. Recent changes for some do not seem to be for the better .I appreciate that in Southwark one size does not fit all but there does seem to be a lack of communication and organisation.
Thursday 19 January 2012 10.15am
Nick wrote:
Hard to recycle when provision of recycling bags is so hopeless - 10 days since we ordered them but Environmental services can only undertake to provide them in 10 working days!
Jac wrote:
Took me nearly a month to get a second supply of bags
There was an officer from the waste & recycling service at Bermondsey Community Council last night. I asked him about this and he said that under Veolia's service level agreement with the council, any recycling receptacles that are ordered (including bags) should be delivered within five working days.

He said there had been some problems in the early days of the switchover from boxes to bags but was adamant that any bags ordered should now be delivered within 5 days (ie before the next weekly collection).

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Thursday 19 January 2012 11.55am
Hello Michael,

thank you for using this forum to gather views and ideas, it's very much appreciated!

I have only just discovered this thread and realise your deadline is looming, so I apologise if any of my suggestions fall outside the council's remit as I haven't had time to read through the info you linked to.

But here comes:

How can we encourage more sustainable travel...?

- I second the idea of a 20mph speed limit wherever possible. This puts cyclists and pedestrians on a more equal "footing" with motor traffic, and apparently even helps (motor) traffic smoothing.

- Extend provision of Boris bikes, ideally to the whole of Southwark, but certainly east of TBR, linking up with the Jubilee and Overground line stations.

- Make more (ideally all) streets two-way for cyclists - Bermondsey Street is a good example how this has an overall civilising effect on traffic speeds. It also helps with making cycling and walking the more convenient option for people. And it's good for local businesses who profit a lot more from the "footfall" of pedestrians and cyclists.

- Provide more cycle parking. Again, I've noticed a definite improvement along Bermondsey Street. I think having even one or two cycle "Sheffield" stands in front of a shop/restaurant really helps those local businesses. Where there is space they can be "dotted along" the pavement, though I'd suggest it's also worth considering if one car parking space could be changed into about eight cycle parking spaces (four stands) in some locations.

- I like the idea of car free days. I've seen these being a great success in other cities.

- In buildings where the council has influence (i.e. in their own buildings, or through the planning process) make sure truly secure cycle parking is provided, and on a generous scale. This will probably look different for each individual case, but a lot can be done: for example, allow council staff to bring bikes into their offices (perhaps dedicate an underused room to cycle parking if it's impractical for bikes to be near their desk). Consider if garages in estates can be re-dedicated as cycle parking. This would probably mean installing secure anchors and/or tougher doors, but it could be done without necessitating major building works.
These are just some ideas, but cyclists in the respective buildings would probably have useful suggestions. I would suggest to systematically ask how cycle parking for each building could be improved, and then to follow through with a plan.

- Provide cycle training to schools and consider extending this invitation to the parents, so that families can get into the habit of cycling together.

... how can the council further protect the public realm...?

It's a tough one, as there's a real danger that problems escalate if they aren't nipped in the bud, e.g. once there's some litter more littering seems to follow etc.

- Perhaps (and this may well be outside the council's remit) people found littering, leaving dog mess, destroying park benches etc. could be made to clear rubbish as community service.

- I like the idea of schools, clubs, offices or other groups "adopting" a space, be it a flower bed or a tree or a park. This would need some thinking about the details, as I am aware that it's not always easy to manage voluntary commitments, but maybe other people have some good ideas or examples of where and how such a scheme has worked in practice.

Hope this is useful, and thanks again for providing this opportunity to express views and contribute ideas.
Thursday 19 January 2012 12.18pm
Also, as I've just noticed the news item about lorries and cyclists:

- I'm not sure what the state of affairs is in Southwark with respect to cycle training for HGV drivers. With all the construction going on, HGV traffic is very pronounced on Southwark streets, and these vehicles are disproportionately often involved in severe/fatal collisions with cyclists and pedestrians. Apart from those obvious dangers, there is also the more subtle problem that a great big noisy lorry roaring past is intimidating and discourages people from cycling (perhaps even walking in certain areas).
I have sympathy for drivers doing a difficult job in narrow and crowded streets, and I also think it's good cyclists learn about the driver's perspective and take great care around those large vehicles. Nevertheless, it should be standard for each HGV driver to receive cycle training. I have noticed that bus drivers have become markedly better around cyclists over the last few years, so maybe it's worth looking at the kind of training they receive. Additionally, each HGV should have a clear "How's my driving?" number on their back, and any reports of bad driving should be followed up seriously. The council could set a good example with its own vehicles (and their drivers), and I imagine it has some leverage over its contractors. As far as other (private) HGVs are concerned, I don't know if it has other powers to request certain standards, but it should try as much as possible.
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