right to buy yes or no?

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Tuesday 23 April 2002 1.47pm
Should people who have been housed at the expence of the government be allowed to purchase their property at a discounted rate in order to sell them on three years later at a huge profit?
Tuesday 23 April 2002 4.29pm

Whether they sell them at a huge profit or not. I don't see how the tories justified this policy at all.
Tuesday 23 April 2002 4.38pm
It gives people the opportunity to own a property rather than spending dead money on rent. It also provides property for sale at the cheap end of the market.

I just wish more people living in Southwark estates had the sense to buy their flats thus adding liquidity to the market.
Wednesday 24 April 2002 6.58am
dunno about that, I am still trying to figure out how Southwark Council can consider selling off estates to private developers, housing associations, private landllords.
I would like to have the opportunity of studying the legal documernts relating to the original concept of council housing. Initially I think the money to build would have come from ratepayers, and government grants. ( which again is from the prople!) So how could they sell enmasse large estates?
The council exist to serve the people of Southwark, not vice versa, well in theory any way.
Just curious if there are any legal brains out there who would know?
I've just read this back it's waffling....
Wednesday 24 April 2002 8.12am
Well if by selling property they can lower the council tax they demand or can increase the service they provide while also offering affordable housing to buy then good on them. Sadly with Southwark the money does seem to disappear down a black hole....Then again it is election time and if we can oust labour then possibly things will change.
Wednesday 24 April 2002 4.28pm
The original question concerned buying cheap and selling on at a large profit.

Maybe if the coucil used the ideas shown by LiveIn (I think) who are creating the new affordable houses for key workers, well one bed flats actually, it would be more fair.

Basically they only sell to under 30k earners who get a nice pad to live in, but they own a share of the property rather than all of it. The deal is all sealed up so that though their invested money works for them, they can't just sell it off at a vast proft in a few years. In that way the flat will always be available to lower income earners who need to live in the city.

Something like that anyway, I'm sure you can find more on the web if you're that arsed - maybe there's an obvious reason why the council can't do this sort of thing...?
Friday 26 April 2002 11.03am
The council are just selling to make money and the only reason that the people buy is to push the equity into a better property away from the area, then investors buy them and rent them to the people on income support or the like who get the rent paid by the council or the DSS, sensible policy, as I am sure that the investors give the Government a reasonable rate, or maybe not as the Govt do not have enough property to house all the needy, is this making sense to anyone. The council should sell at market value and nothing less. That would put people off. Our taxes paid for those properties to be built.
Friday 26 April 2002 1.01pm
It's not the only reason people buy, there are people out there who'd like to buy so that they aren't throwing away money in rent and hopefully getting some sort of investment out of it too.

If the councils give right to buy and charge premium prices, then effectively they take the right to buy from the people who really need the help, i.e. those who can't get on the housing chain.

The difference would be made if some sort of system was used so that....
Friday 26 April 2002 1.18pm
that is still no reason for them to be allowed discount property, if they wish to buy, then they should look for something that they can afford or carry on living in subsidised property, that is the whole point of the council housing scheme, they can not have it all ways, for instance a single man on a 30, 000 per annum salary would not be allowed council property, but what can he buy, he cant, so he rents until his situation changes, although his income tax still goes towards council housing projects for the needy. I am a an English person with a steady job and have paid income tax for 11 years, but have never had a council property, nor would I apply as I do not consider myself needy enough. But were I a refugee who was given a property anbd then found myself a year later with a job and in a position to buy the council property I have been given at a discounted rate within five years I could have a seventy grand lump sum, which is more than most pensioners in this country manage to save in an entire lifetime of hardwork, and whose tax contributions paid for the properties in the first place.
Friday 26 April 2002 1.23pm
I can see both sides of the coin on this one, hense me asking the question in the first place. Please keep your opinons coming.
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