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Sunday 28 June 2015 4.03pm
Hello everyone,

I have been drinking, and cooking with, raw milk for close to a year, and I have experienced the benefits of this natural product. Previously, I had to avoid dairy due to an intolerance I developed as a result of many years of consuming non organic, pasteurised milk. My gut suffered as a result, and I became unable to tolerate even a small glass of milk or a slice of cheese. I was of course devastated by this realisation; I loved dairy, especially cheese! However, for my health (particularly my gut), I decided that it was best to simply remove dairy from my diet. Instead, I drank alternative ‘milks’ such as rice and coconut. Though the latter was pleasant enough (and I love coconut products), they never could compare to cows’ milk, which I sorely missed.

After reading more about health and nutrition, I came across many articles about the benefits of consuming raw, organic, milk. I was intrigued by this, especially after reading claims of people with dairy intolerances, like myself, being able to drink milk and eat butter again. I searched online for a retailer of raw milk and I learnt that currently, it may only be sold directly by the farmer or by milk rounds(wo)men.

I am happy to write that I no longer have intolerances after eating dairy; I even make raw yoghurt and raw Kefiran (the milk fermented by Kefir) and my gut has improved due to the beneficial bacteria. A friend of mine who had been lactose intolerant for years also found that her problem vanished when she started drinking raw milk. There are many others with similar stories. I believe that it was the pasteurised milk (particularly from cows fed hormones and routinely given antibiotics, which I in turn would drink) that caused my intolerance because it removed the ‘good bacteria’ and replaced it with the bad.

If you are interested in learning more about raw milk and its benefits here are a couple of links:,
This is a link to information about Kefir:

Currently, I buy raw milk weekly from a farm based in the country, and their milk and cream are delicious. However, as a result of the costs incurred by running a raw dairy farm, as well as the distribution of their products, their milk is quite expensive at £3 for 2 pints (they do not sell their milk in gallons, but I’m sure you can tell that it would be extremely expensive). While their milk is indeed lovely and creamy, their prices are not affordable for many, especially, if like my family, they drink/use a lot of milk each week.

I thought that there must be other farmers willing to sell their grass fed, organic, cow/sheep/goat raw milk (at a more affordable price), so I searched online for farms in London, and I was amazed and impressed to learn that there are 14 urban city farms. All of them have at least goats and sheep, while others also have cows. I think that with this number of farms in the capital, there would be some willing to sell their milk.

Running a farm in London is expensive, and much of the funding farms received in the past has been vastly cut; they are now largely reliant on the support of the local community and visitors in the form of donations and animal adoption/sponsorship. If they were to also sell their raw milk, this would be another source of revenue for them to help meet the costs of caring for their animals.

I am looking for people who currently, or would like to, drink raw milk and be able to buy it at an affordable price, here in London. I would like to start a ‘raw milk cooperative’, where as a group, we buy raw milk directly from a London farm. This would mean we handle the collection and distribution of the milk, leaving the farm with little to do other than provide us with fresh, raw milk.

I was given the inspiration for this after reading about a raw milk cooperative in America. This group order their milk from a local farm, and members take it in turns to collect it and then bring the milk to a central location (or a member’s home) where the others can pick up their weekly order. I think that this could work well in London, considering how many farms there are, and with the growing demand for raw milk.

If you are interested, would like to be part of this cooperative, or have any questions, please do send me a message.

Thank you for reading!
Friday 3 July 2015 11.45am
Brilliant! I am definitely interested. Have you had any other interest via PM or local friends? What are the next steps?
Friday 3 July 2015 6.43pm
You might be able to find people through the 56a cooperative on Crampton St.
Friday 3 July 2015 10.01pm
I think Fareshares and the 56A Co-operative is vegan, mostly for ethical reasons around the treatment of the animals that are used to produce 'food'.
Saturday 4 July 2015 10.03am
A local source of raw milk and other products is Hook and Son selling products from their Sussex farm in Borough Market, Wednesday to Saturday.

I have no connection with the business.
Saturday 4 July 2015 6.51pm
A very happy dose of some nasty disease to you. You are a fantasist. There is no benefit in raw milk. All there is from it is the risk of a long list of diseases. Some of them fatal. I don't just say this. Science does. You may as well be encouraging the eating of cow dung and urine, which is to be found in unpasteurised form in all raw milk.
Monday 13 July 2015 6.47pm
Ha Ha, I can't stop laughing at the uninformed rant from boroughbloke. Pasteurisation and more importantly homogenisation are what has been proven to kill all bacteria in milk, however our bodies have survived on exactly that type of bacteria for millennia. I've been drinking raw milk for years, on average 2 litres a day. I'm actually drinking a glass now and I'm searching in vain for the cow dung and urine. I'm 48, have no health problems, never have had, do Ironman racing, long distance cycling and martial arts, I'm the same weight as I was at 21. I don't follow government guidelines for nutrition because I see the results all around me. Heart disease, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, alzeimers and cancers, all increased even with all the government expertise. Any food that's processed is not gonna be as good for you as natural food, and virtually all processed food is actually detrimental to your health.Shop milk won't be detrimental but it's processed so much it's not worth drinking for it's nutrient value. It's gonna get worse when the government brings in the TTIP, when the higher standards that Europe demand will be swept away by the American food industry.
Back to raw milk though. Hook and son are far too overpriced to make it a daily drink, I get mine from gazegill organic farm (that I have no connection to) by subscription that sends you in a cool box by courier, it works out £2 a litre.
Alternatively I've got a number of a retired guy who drives to a farm in Devon and brings back a chilled van full. I couldn't make it work with him because I couldn't order enough.I'll pm you his number if you like.
By the way for your information, the government doesn't have the same health and safety procedures for checking farms that are licensed to sell raw milk as farms that sell pasteurised, they have a far more stringent procedure! It show's how much as a society we've been brainwashed when people think there's cow dung in milk, obviously not many cows in the borough and I'm not a trained vet but I'm sure the milk doesn't come out of a cow's arse!!
Monday 27 July 2015 2.45pm
I would be interested in buying unpasteurised milk. I drink Kefir every morning and find it very helpful for digestion. Ideally I'd like to use raw milk with it rather than pasteurised organic milk. I will look into gazehill organics that you mention johnmolloy. If anyone does set up a raw milk co-op in SE1 I'd be pleased to hear about it!
Wednesday 29 July 2015 9.04am
Borough bloke is right to be concerned about unpasteurised milk yoghurt etc. you may well be able to drink it with no problems, but if you have compromised immune system, or young children you would be best to avoid it. E. coli is just one of the problems from drinking it.
Monday 3 August 2015 10.12am

There's plenty of studies that have been done saying the exact opposite. A study done on farm children who had been brought up on raw milk showed they had a far stronger immune system compared to kids bought up on 'normal' milk. A theory being discussed amongst some health professionals as to why there is a huge upsurge in immune system problems is the fact that children today are not getting the bacteria to build a healthy immune system. One of the reasons is the pasteurisation process. It kills everything that makes the immune system strong.
You can get e-coli from many things, one of the biggest causes in recent years has been spinach and broccoli, there was a case in America a few years ago from cookie dough!

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