Major works on red brick blocks @ SE16

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Monday 8 February 2016 12.00am
Dear all,

Sorry for a double post. I am a leaseholder at Aylton Estate, Renforth street, SE16, and I have noticed that my block is among those set for refurbishment this year (this covers entire Southwark Council, it seems they're set to refurbish a whole lot of blocks):

Irwell Estate near me has already been done - it had its okay'ish red brick exterior plastered and painted light grey (the standard of works seems to be appalling - uneven plastering, dents, chipping off paint, in places where there are wall gutters - they've just left them unplastered lol, etc). I am afraid my block will be done in the same way, and I fear hefty charges for the work that is totally unnecessary, and when done - defective.

Is there anyone here from that district? I haven't yet received a section 20 notice from the Council, but I'm looking for the comrades of fate in advance.

Did anyone have their block's exterior plastered and painted? How much have you been charged for this by Southwark? Looking at the finished Irwell estate, there is no windows or roofing involved (double glazing has been done long ago), they just did the walls. The block btw is low rise and does not have any lifts.

Let's team up!
Monday 8 February 2016 7.51am
As a leaseholder you can challenge work that could be considered an improvement and plastering and painting walls that were not originally like that would potentially fall under this (though you don't consider it an improvement!). Make sure you put this in your section 20 return.
Wednesday 10 February 2016 8.16pm
Hi, I am myself a council tenant on keetons estate, but we are having work again done around here by keepmoat. After last years F""" Ups they are back. A lady who lives next block along is a lease holder and she has already been sent a bill for 16K before they have even started works on our blocks. I know I would not pay keepmoat 16 pence let alone 16K to do works. Unfortunately I think if you are a lease holder in a block you are the one left with the bills for outside works to property and since the council dont ask, they just tell us this is how its gonna be. We are all stuck. I guess you can refuse to pay it if you dont like what they are doing but I dont know how that would stand legally as assume you would be fighting against the council and company but who ever leased the flat to you that company should maybe stand on your side even though it comes under southwark. Last year keepmoat were torn up at a council meeting over 50 people and complaints about damage to property, yet southwark council have still had them back this year doing works, I am dreading it, they are starting on our block external works in May onwards, they totally F"""" up our flat last year inside. Now they are back to F""" up the outsides.
Wednesday 10 February 2016 8.28pm
Thanks for the list btw, very helpful, now I have details for my estate who to contact on that list. thank you Lemur...
Wednesday 10 February 2016 9.46pm
How bizarre when the council is short of money to do something that is unnecessary. Why would they do something that costs money, and then will need to be repaired and maintained. Start sending emails now and start asking those questions. Pester the major works team, you might beat them into submission! I would contact your Councillors too because they will want to know why money is being spend unnecessarily.
Wednesday 10 February 2016 11.10pm
There is no rhyme or reason to the council's profligate spending on "major works". Some "high profile" estates are having double glazing renewed every few years (e.g. Tabard Gardens, some blocks of which are on at least their second set of double glazing, if not third) whereas some estates have rotten wooden windows that haven't been touched in over 15 years and which are now almost 40 years old! The poor leaseholder on the "high profile" estate ends up with hefty recharges for this whenever the council decide.
Thursday 11 February 2016 8.04am
I think any work initiated this time of year is to use the rest of their budget up, in case the budget is reduced fo following year because 'they may not need it' Karen ..
Thursday 11 February 2016 10.20am
I live in the Hayles Buildings in Elliots Row and they are not replacing the windows, just a lick of paint on the outside. The windows are rotten and I can't even open to top half of any of mine so cleaning is almost impossible. It appears they're spending is a bit random.
Thursday 11 February 2016 1.32pm
We've been billed several thousand for major works which so far have amounted to some tiles being replaced on our balcony. Rouel Road estate.
Thursday 11 February 2016 8.07pm
I just feel this is a terrible company, and the councils ears are closed to us residents. I found a contract online between keepmoat and the government and councils, on the council southwarks webpage, if you dig you will find it on there, despite their bad mistakes they have renewed their contract with them for a further 5 years. It stated in this contract while they could not find appropriate high level of workmanship they were prepared to accept a minimum grade level of workmanship as tested in theory. So they are happy to accept low rate workers that just answer questions on a piece of paper. I can tell you on paper about red and white blood cells but you would not want me to operate on you. The councils have just accepted minimum grade workers as they could not find anything better elsewhere. Or maybe they are cheaper. Also stated on contract a 250mil project this is costing and in our area its around 70mil. The contract is several pages long where it states they chose certain companies in 2013 to do these jobs. They refer to it as gateway projects. Not quite sure on all the legal terms they use but thats how they refer to it.
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