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Loudspeaker music, E&C tube

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Tuesday 30 August 2016 10.23am
I am waiting for the council to come back to me regarding enforcement of parking on double yellow lines. A fortune could be made from enforcing this and i could get some sleep at weekends...It is completely beyond me how selfish individuals can be. It is clearly a residential area with the surrounds being hundreds of flat dwellings. Playing r n b and rap with car doors open with those extremely loud car sound systems (why doesn't the EU restrict the noise levels on these things) and dancing and whooping in the street at 2 am is just beyond anything really.

Interestingly, the problem revellers do not appear to be from the Ministry but the Coronet. It is due to close at the end of the year due to the Elephant regeneration. As a result their website is encouraging everyone to party like hell before the closure. Oh great.
Tuesday 30 August 2016 10.32am
Re noise. What about the expanding motor cycle racks parks outside SE1 residential properties. Some muddle headed thinking here. Apart from general bike noise etcetera we have these people starting revving up and noises out of hell. Again councillors police etc don't seem to care but I shall try environment and see what happens. Watch this space

Cotswolds 12
Sunday 4 September 2016 1.16am
Ah well, it's 2am and I am wide awake due to loud music emitting from the cars parked on double yellow lines, from revellers attending the Coronet. Fascinated by the campaign to save the Coronet. they make much of the variety of events that are held there, classical etc with no mention of the nights that are attended by the hell raising, street p*ssing, foul mouthed, selfish individuals. I have lost so many weekends of sleep. Tonight is Rep your Mas Night and next weekend Bashment Party. Oh joy. Lost sense of humour.
Saturday 10 September 2016 1.18pm
Not to be facetious Rimby but I'm don't understand why you chose to live in an area with a huge underground club scene and social deprivation. You appear to expect the area to change to meet your standards rather than accepting the area as it is.

Yes young people are noisy, messy and obnoxious. Yes night clubs attract mainly young people. Do you suggest that young people form an orderly and silent queue to partake in activities that I am assuming you did when you were young? London club culture and music in general needs to be respected and protected. It is hugely influential internationally in the arts and attracts tourists. To remove venues like the Coronet because it offends someone who chose to become a neighbour is short sighted and selfish.
Saturday 10 September 2016 1.39pm

It's not just me - honest! The police have received 100s of complaints of anti social behaviour! The behaviour on show is beyond acceptable. I'm not a killjoy. Booming car systems and dancing around the car at 2 am under your window and again at every weekend, is not on. And neither is verbal abuse and homophobic abuse (neighbour)when one asks politely to turn the music down. I have no issue at all with the Coronet per se, and a lot if events there are great. It us the revellers that attend certain evenings.

I would like to extend an invitation to you to come round to mine to experience it first hand. I will supply drinks and nibbles! It's impossible to sleep, so we can just sit and watch the goings on. I have lost so many weekends. This is a genuine invitation. Unless you experience it firsthand you cannot make an informed judgement on this.

Had it all again last night.

Let me know and I'll find out when the next night is on.

Saturday 10 September 2016 2.18pm
Rimby. As a society we let people do what they like and say only letting off steam etc. This appears to be the view of those in authority these days. The noisy behaviour would shame the wildest animals or warlike creatures in creation

Animals are far better behaved than some so called human beings today and could make me despair at times if not dwelt on higher things spiritually...

The rot started when we closed our eyes to certain behaviour whereas in times past there would have been sharp rap across the knuckles from public and police etc. Now anything goes apparently

We have let the genie out of the bottle. Sowed the seed now reaping the whirlwind!

Cotswolds 12
Saturday 10 September 2016 7.18pm
That's a really unfair attack on Rimby, it's hardly outrageous that people don't want to be kept up all night by people behaving like dickheads. Sitting in a car playing loud music is nothing to do with going to a club (where, in my experience, most people use public transport, we are talking central London here) and to claim that objecting to it is to attack club culture is way off the mark.
Saturday 10 September 2016 10.09pm
Thanks for the offer Rimby I often pass through E&C in the early hours and have visited The Coronet and Ministry many times so I know all too well about what you're talking about. I have definitely contributed to that noise too, as everyone does after leaving clubs and bars.

What I still do not understand is why, if you want peace and quiet at night, you chose to move to an area that is known for its night time activity?

Zoe, I find your remark outrageous. Some people visit these clubs in cars after tubes have shut and leave in cars at 4/5/6am. I have done so myself many times, playing music is part of the experience. You do realise that many artists got their break playing and then selling music from their car? Your bombastic statement and attack on my valid question is tiresome. The clubs were there first and if the clubs are closed in the elephant where will they go? They're not in Soho anymore, or Clerkenwell, or Kings X or where should music venues be relocated? More importantly why should they be relocated? So that people who bought or rent property cheap because of these known issues can bully to gentrify the area? The council are all too willing to jump in bed with the developers to make the next buck too.
Saturday 10 September 2016 10.36pm

The Ministry isn't a problem and neither are its revellers; the management do what they can to ensure that its patrons do not disturb the sleep of the locals.I have no problem with the Ministry. The issue is with particular nights at the Coronet and the people who attend these evenings. I had no idea the Elephant was knowns as a clubbing scene, apart from the Ministry. I knew about the Coronet ,but nothing but nothing prepared me for what i have experienced. Nothing. Indeed if you watch the video put out by its Director (can't remember his name), it would seem that the events are quite gentle and civilised affairs. I don't see him mentioning any of 'Rep Your Mas Nights' when trying to drum up support to 'Save the Coronet' Its all Charlie Chaplin and freshers nights. Very disingenuous of him.

These people are not budding music makers they are selfish individuals who could not give a toss about playing boom boom at 2.30 am outside residential flats. I don't think they would like it outside their window. My fantasy is to follow them home at 5.30 am and do the same. I don't drive.

In Munich they have a centralised area on the edge of town where any variety of music scene can be found and enjoyed, without disturbing the sleep of good people of Munich. London is changing and becoming more and more built up with flats, as people have to live somewhere. I do not know what the answer is. What i do know is that i have lost so many weekends.
Saturday 10 September 2016 10.57pm
Sounds like you were mis-sold a dream Rimby, unfortunately. Thanks for explaining that you didn't know about that side of the area, helps to make sense of your conumdrum. I understand why you're annoyed but hopefully you can see the flip side that others, like myself, are upset to be losing another key music venue.

The music may not be to your taste but it is massively influential and a huge part of London's native music culture. These places are disappearing at an alarming rate to be developed into flats or offices.

The people playing music in their cars probably do that outside their own homes at all hours. As long as you played decent music they probably wouldn't have a problem. :) Just how some people are and living centrally, as I used to, I do feel that is the price you pay. Cities are noisy some of us like that.
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